Alan Cavanna

Powerball winner loves NASCAR

August 14, 2013, Alan Cavanna,

Says he'll continue watching races on Sundays, but on acres of land instead

It's a question we've all asked ourselves at one point or another: What would you do if you ever won the lottery?

For William Seeley, the answer was as easy as his laid-back appearance: "I'm just going to continue watching NASCAR on Sundays. Maybe I'll be at my (new) log cabin on multiple acres of land."

Seeley joined 15 of his coworkers at a press conference on Tuesday in New Jersey to talk about winning their share of last week's $448 million Powerball jackpot. The group works at the Ocean County (N.J.) garage, and collectively they’re being called "Ocean's 16." The members pooled their money to buy tickets for last week's lottery and ended up with one of the three winning tickets. After taxes, each member of "Ocean's 16" will get $3.8 million.

Watch Seeley at the winners' press conference:

Seeley emerged as the most memorable member of the group. He has a long beard and wore sunglasses, a "Duck Dynasty" T-shirt and floppy hat adorned with pins to the press conference. Before revealing his love for NASCAR, Seeley explained the first thing he did after learning he was a millionaire was stop by his father's house. Seeley's father is battling cancer.

"I started crying in front of him, and told him I love him," Seeley said. "I said 'you've got nothing to worry about now, except getting better.' "

On Wednesday, Seeley and his newly found fortune and fame made an appearance with his wife on NBC's Today Show.  This time Seeley wore a Dale Earnhardt Jr. T-shirt, along with his signature hat and glasses, and told host Matt Lauer he wasn't sure if he'd continue working at the county garage.

Watch Seeley's appearance on the Today Show:

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"I might just disappear in the woods," Seeley said.

Since Seeley is such a NASCAR fan, here's an idea of what $3.8 million can buy:

-- 63,333 frontstretch tickets for this weekend's Sprint Cup series race in Michigan (

-- 1.9 million Martinsville hotdogs (Martinsville Speedway).

-- 8,016 Goodyear race tires.

-- 152,304 Dale Earnhardt Jr. T-shirts ( SuperStore).

-- 108, 571 "Behemoth Burgers" at Charlotte Motor Speedway. (5lb.-burger, feeds 10. @cltmotorspdwy).