The Minions' NASCAR adventure at Kentucky

July 11, 2015, Jessica Ruffin,

The Minions' NASCAR adventure at Kentucky
Follow the three as they meet Carl Edwards and roam Kentucky

Once upon a time, there were three yellow Minions. They were bouncy and giddy, having just released their own movie titled "Minions" on July 10. And the trio was looking to celebrate that accomplishment.

So they headed to Kentucky Speedway for a NASCAR-style celebration.

While they were at track, the Minions realized NASCAR just may be their true calling.

They looked for a fearless leader to guide them. On the way, they ran into someone named Carl Edwards, who happened to drive the No. 19 Minions Toyota.

The Minions decided Carl would be their leader, but he had some ground rules -- the Minions had to be good crew members. First, they befriended the No. 19 crew, since teamwork is of the utmost importance in NASCAR. They even let crew chief Darian Grubb wear their goggles.

Then, Carl told the Minions they needed to help with the car. So they pushed the car to inspection.

Lastly, Carl asked the Minions to take a selfie.

Because, let's be honest, who doesn't love the Minions?