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@nascarcasm: Vintage tweets from drivers, Vol. 1

Jimmie Johnson

So many NASCAR drivers have mastered the fine art of social media. But it didn't happen overnight, as is evidenced by some of their very early, and often awesome, initial tweets. What follows are actual posts from actual drivers, as they first immersed themselves into the Twitters. We'll do several installments over the course of 2017.


Jimmie Johnson


Collecting wives like Sprint Cup trophies. #Se7enSpouses (He later corrected the typo)


Lots of questions here. For the sake of brevity, we’ll only ask one, which is: Why does Chad Knaus looks like Bond Girl?

June 11, 2011 -- the day you learned that Jimmie Johnson wasn’t actually vanilla.

Dale Earnhardt Jr.

I KNEW IT. And here I thought he just always used words like “Excogitate” and “Verisimilitude” in post-race press conferences.

His first #TBT, before he basically owned the hashtag title and deed.

Hmmmm. Two years ago. Wonder if this’ll ever become, y’know, a thing.

Landon Cassill

It’s OK fam we still love you and your pasty white thighs.

171, nice.

Not sure, but you’re probably Snapchatting it.

OK someone check on lonely Landon.

Kevin Harvick

Early on, Harvick posted a tweet of a bull rampaging through a crowd, with the text “What I’m doing to the English language for the next 11 weeks.”

These are difficult, if the track workers at Michigan International Speedway are any indication.

Calling out DeLana’s snoring in one of his first tweets. Strong.

And then doubling down on details. Our best guess is dear DeLana didn’t follow him at this point. Because Kevin is still alive.

Brad Keselowski

13 hours? Yeah, this was well before the kid.

I’ll take “Tweets Not Favorited By Kyle Busch for $1,000, Alex.”

When you want details and don’t want details at the same time.

Joey Logano

Technology is rough.

Not that this isn’t riveting content Joey but could you please step it up a bit? Like you, we’re having trouble keeping our eyes open.

OK, nevermind. Napping now.

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