Got life questions? #BartenderBrad is here

July 25, 2014, Pat DeCola,

Team Penske driver offers his sage advice to those in need

"If the life of beer, women and song gets to be too much, give up singing."

--Bartender Brad

Brad Keselowski is many things: driver of the No. 2 Team Penske Ford Fusion, 2012 Sprint Cup Series champion, occasional blogger, semi-professional celebrator, proud dog owner and even a cowboy.

He can now add "advice-lending bartender" to his ever-growing resume, after starring in an original web series produced by the Emmy Award-winning NASCAR Productions in conjunction with Team Penske and Miller Lite entitled "#BartenderBrad."

In the series, Keselowski will take questions from fans via the #BartenderBrad hashtag and answer them in video-form, behind the bar in full bartender garb, complete with vest, black necktie and towel draped over his shoulder.

Of course, questions submitted can be out of left field -- as mentioned in the video, as the voiceover says "Brad Keselowski moves from behind the wheel to behind the bar to be a man with answers, even if the questions you put to him are completely from the moon."

Two of the questions in this video were pretty tame -- i.e. who he admires most in all of history ("the guy who invented the other three wheels. He's the genius.") and his favorite celebrity couple (a tall, cool glass and a beer to pour in it) -- but one was, uh, a little strange.

Barry from San Diego asked "The label on my can of shaving lather says 'shake well before using.' 'Well before' is so vague. Exactly how long before do you recommend?"

To see Keselowski's hilarious response to Barry, watch the video below. And be sure to get your questions in using #BartenderBrad.

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