Could Dale Jr. win title, get engaged on same night?

August 05, 2014, Pat DeCola,

Hendrick Motorsports driver also offers his four simple joys in life

Take a good look at that photo above from the Victory Lane celebration of Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s win at Pocono this past Sunday.

Notice anything missing?

There certainly seems to be a distinct lack of bling on the left ring finger of Amy Reimann, the love interest of the Sprint Cup Series star.

The Hendrick Motorsports driver addressed his future with Ms. Reimann -- emphasis on "Ms." -- on Tuesday's edition of "The Dan Patrick Show" when Patrick brought up the all-important question -- what comes first, an engagement or a Cup title?

"Well, I hope I win a championship this year," said Earnhardt. "So that'll probably be first."

"Life's a whole lot more fun when you've got somebody you can share it with."

-- Dale Earnhardt Jr.

However, Patrick quickly followed up Junior's response with the obvious question: Could both landmark events happen on the same night?

The next few seconds of the interview made it seem like Earnhardt -- as serious a title contender in 2014 as he's ever been -- may have already been planning this, and Patrick may have spoiled it.

Dan Patrick: How 'bout same day?

Dale Earnhardt Jr.: Man…

DP: Oh, did I ruin it?

DJ: No, it's just hard to … you can't put a date on it.

DP: It'd be tough to go to that race with a ring in your pocket.

DJ: No.

DP: I mean, you gotta win.

DJ: I mean, if I'm going to get married I'll do it when it feels right. I guess it don't feel right yet.

Yikes. Let's just hope Amy wasn't listening, even if Earnhardt did sort of cover his bases.

Provided Earnhardt is still in the hunt come Homestead, we'll have to stay tuned to see if there are any extra special moments in Victory Lane in which he gives Reimann a trophy of her own.

Patrick and Earnhardt also got into how, along with his three wins, the Hendrick Motorsports driver appears to finally be having fun this year, embracing life a lot more than he did four or five years ago.

Earnhardt got into some great detail as to why this is, exactly, while offering his four simple joys in life.

"You know, I guess years ago I didn't have my personal life in order," said Earnhardt. "Being single is fun, but life's a whole lot more fun when you've got somebody you can share it with and talk to and go through the ups and the downs, so having a relationship with Amy that I've got makes life a whole lot more fun and makes the hard stuff a lot easier to go through. That part's probably a big difference today, compared to the years past.

"Plus, obviously we're running better on the race track. I'm with a great group of guys. We all get along. I just don't have a whole lot of things to worry about right now that I had to worry about in the past. Things are clicking. My boss is happy, so that's a good deal."

As far as his simple joys, the conversation that played out led to Earnhardt having to re-cast his list because he, uh, may not have had it in the correct order the first way through.

DP: I saw where you had your simple joys to life and you had your four simple joys. I love this. Give this to the audience: your four simple joys in life.

DJ: My four simple joys? I said my relationship with Amy, which that's probably not a simple joy, that's a little bit bigger than simple, but … drinking a cold beer.

DP: Okay, so girlfriend is No. 1. Redskins No. 2? Your family is No. 3?

DJ: Yeah, I didn't really think this through.

DP: Okay, how about a re-do here, Junior? Girlfriend No. 1?

DJ: Family is No. 2. Is that a simple pleasure, though? I mean, I think like playing a videogame or reading a good book is a simple pleasure, not really your whole family.

DP: Okay, so your girlfriend, your family, the Redskins and then drinking a cold beer?

DJ: Yeah.

DP: Well, they go hand-in-hand, watching the Redskins, drinking a cold beer with your girlfriend and your family. So it's all simple joy.

Watch the full interview in the video below, as Earnhardt touches on a range of subjects that include his fantasy football team, the time he almost quit racing and his relationship with his parents. 

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