Dale Jr.: NFL's Raiders a better fit for Smoke

August 08, 2014, Pat DeCola, NASCAR.com

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Everybody knows that Dale Earnhardt Jr. is a diehard Washington Redskins fan, but what about some of your other favorite drivers?

Three-time NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champion Tony Stewart, a native of Columbus, Indiana, is a natural-born Indianapolis Colts fan. Talking to "The Dan Patrick Show" on Tuesday, Earnhardt thinks Stewart's alliances should lie a little further west, and that 'Smoke' may or may not be familiar with the world wide web.

"I'm not really into working out, so I don’t really want to suit up and go out there and get tackled or anything."

-- Dale Earnhardt Jr. on if he'd want to join the Washington Redskins for a practice

Dan Patrick: Is Tony Stewart in (your fantasy league)?

Dale Earnhardt Jr.: No, he's not. I don't think that he plays fantasy football. I don't even know if he ever gets on the Internet.

DP: Well, he's a Colts fan. I don't know if he does fantasy.

DJ: I'd have never guessed that. Colts. It just don't seem like he's a Colts kind of guy.

DP: What's that mean?

DJ: The Colts are … I don't know. He's kind of wild and ragged and the Colts are more kind of polished and they're very basic.

DP: So maybe a Raider fan?

DJ: Yeah, maybe a Raider fan. Definitely more fitting of Tony.

Earnhardt went more in depth about his fantasy football league, which he collaborated on with ESPN fantasy expert Matthew Berry. The league features both Junior and Berry, along with several drivers and a fan that bid on an entry, with the proceeds going to the Jimmy V Foundation.

DJ: I'm going to be in four leagues this year, because we're doing one with Matthew Berry where we're going to help out the Jimmy V Foundation that we auctioned off. It's me and I got a bunch of other drivers to be in in it. Denny Hamlin and Matt Kenseth and Austin Dillon and a bunch of guys are going to be in it with me and Matthew and one fan bought it on eBay for over $7,000 so we raised some money for that. That was pretty cool. That was Matthew's idea.

DP: Are these drivers more competitive in fantasy or out on the race track?

DJ: Everybody that's in fantasy thinks that they're the best, you know? I don't know ... I haven't been in a league before with Denny and some of these guys but I imagine they're pretty competitive.

Time will tell who will be competitive in the fantasy football league, and Earnhardt will also know sooner rather than later if his beloved Redskins will be competitive in 2014 after a dismal 3-13 campaign last season.

While it's still just preseason, the team kicked off its season Thursday night with a 23-6 win against the New England Patriots. Junior had to see plenty in the game that he liked and didn't like, because he closely follows the team, even this early in the gridiron calendar.

"I like to go to preseason games, especially the third and fourth ones to see some of the guys trying to make the team and getting a little understanding of how deep the secondary is and stuff like that that they need to work on," Earnhardt said. "And they've got to get the linebackers a little better and you're going to have to see who's going to emerge there besides Perry Riley. I like to know who's playing and not just the stars."

He also likes going to training camp to pal around with some of the players, including Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III.

"It's great to be able to pal around with RGIII and be able to talk to some of the players and have friendships with some of those guys," he said. "I like to know that team and it seems like everything's shortened up, like all the camp and all that stuff is shortened up so you don't get quite as much information as you used to and you can't really plug in and follow what's going on because it just happens in a couple weeks then they're playing the preseason, but I follow it close."

When asked if he'd rather work out with the team or be part of the broadcast of the game, perhaps as a sideline reporter, Earnhardt balked.

When you think about it, Earnhardt really should give it a try, considering Griffin did drive the pace car at Richmond earlier this year.

"I'm not really into working out, so I don’t really want to suit up and go out there and get tackled or anything," said the three-time 2014 winner. "No, I just like to sit there and watch it. The best thing that's ever … I think every Redskins fan would say that they would love to sit front and center in Dan (Snyder, team owner)'s box and watch a game, you know, like a Monday night game against Dallas or the Giants or something. Right there, front and center in that box is the best seat in the house."

Of course, being such a die-hard Redskins fan, he's been born and bred to hate the division rival Dallas Cowboys.

DP: Do you hate the Cowboys?

DJ: Uh, yeah. I do. You know, hate's a strong word. My cousin, Tony (Eury) Jr., who used to be my crew chief, he's a Cowboys fan. We grew up together, you know, with the rivalry. Every time they play we call each other, so I've had that going on my whole life. I probably wouldn't have disliked them, but Tony Jr. made me dislike them. Every time they beat the Redskins, he would remind me of that. We'd go on and on about it."


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