How NASCAR drivers can help raise $25 million

July 25, 2014, Brad Norman and Taylor Starer,

Stewart names price tag for Eldora dome; we're here to help

Minutes after another phenomenal show on Eldora Speedway's half-mile dirt oval, track president Tony Stewart himself strode into the media center, cracked open a beer and dropped a bombshell.

"If we can raise $25 million, we will put a dome and a roof over the top of Eldora Speedway," 'Smoke' told assembled media members. "This is not a joke."

The thought behind the dome is running a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race at the track, but raising $25 million is a massive undertaking.

That's why we're here. If NASCAR drivers want a Cup race at Eldora -- and it seems like they do -- they should all help foot the bill.

Suggestions on how to raise the funds? Glad you asked. Our list is below -- chime in with what you like, and what you'd like to see, in the comments section.

Denny Hamlin: Dancing with Denny. Teach classes on how to do the Dougie.

Kasey Kahne:
Get a haircut. Sell locks to female fans.

Dale Earnhardt Jr.: Highest bidder wins a new car from one of Junior's car dealerships. That car is then destroyed, and winner picks a location for it in Earnhardt's infamous "Car Graveyard."

Danica Patrick: The perfect opportunity to set up that charity race against Richard Petty -- you'd have to buy a ticket to see it, of course.

Brad Keselowski: BK basketball camp. This could raise half the funds by itself. Who wouldn't want to learn hoops from this guy?

Joey Logano: Charity boxing match with Morgan Shepherd.

Kyle Busch: Get an M&M's character tattooed on his body. Highest donor picks the character -- and location of tattoo.

Carl Edwards: Pushups for pay ups. For every dollar a fan donates, Edwards will do one push up. Higher donations means he will have to do them during caution periods.

Jimmie Johnson: Once Johnson reaches a certain amount in contributions, he would dye his signature beard the colors of the rainbow (much like his Madagascar-inspired wig at Dover in 2012). Use permanent dye.  

Tony Stewart: 'Smoke' would have to give up his presidency for one night because he'd run in next year's Truck Series race, donating his winnings to the cause -- and doubling that total with a matching donation from his own pocket (we love spending other people's money).