Would Gordon re-grow mustache for title?

July 29, 2014, Pat DeCola, NASCAR.com

If title No. 5 is only a mustache away, would "Wonder Boy" grow it back out?

"I don't have anything bad against mustaches."

-- Jeff Gordon, mustache proponent

There are probably some drivers out there who would sell their soul to the devil if it guaranteed them a Sprint Cup Series title.

In Jeff Gordon's case, where he already has four of them under his belt, the stakes are slightly lower for the "What would you do for a championship?" game, and that's okay because it resulted in a fantastic hypothetical scenario for the Hendrick Motorsports driver.

Fresh off his record fifth victory at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Gordon was on NBC Sports Network's "The Dan Patrick Show" on Monday talking about the personal style he exhibited all the way back in 1994 when he won the inaugural Sprint Cup race at the Brickyard.

That "personal style", of course, is the epic mustache/mullet combo that the driver of the No. 24 rocked in the early days of his career.

Before getting to the all-important question, Gordon first touched on whether or not he would grow the iconic facial hair again for the heck of it, like he did a few seasons ago.

"No, definitely not. I did it because I accidentally put my foot in my mouth and said if we made the Chase (for the Sprint Cup) a couple of years ago, I'd do it. I regret saying that because one is the mustache never looked good that I had and I don't have anything bad against mustaches. On me personally, it does not look good, and it certainly doesn't look good at 42 years old."

He also talked about mustachioed legend Dale Earnhardt.

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"He wore it well, and that's the thing. I wanted to be him, and that's why I said, 'I need a mustache.' I should have realized right then and there that we all are our own individual persons. Luckily I was winning races." 

Right now, Gordon is winning races.

He's currently the series points leader and has two wins through 20 races this season, a year removed from picking up just a lone victory. Still, it's no guarantee that the 2014 championship is his for the taking, so would he re-grow that infamous mustache/mullet powerhouse combination if it meant title No. 5 would find its way to his trophy cabinet?

"Aww, I would do it in a heartbeat. I'd do it tomorrow." 

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