Kyle Larson prank calls crew chief on radio show

August 12, 2014, Brad Norman,

Listen to Larson's fake accent, mustache question

Crew chief Chris Heroy, of the No. 42 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series team, was a guest on SIRIUSXM NASCAR radio Tuesday, and he was asked a question from someone he knows very well. The high-pitched, southern accent that accompanied the question? That was totally foreign.

So it was with that fake falsetto that Kyle Larson duped the man who's sitting atop his pit box this year.

The exchange:

KL: "Hey Chris, my name is Jason. I was just wondering, a lot of great race car drivers as well as crew chiefs like yourself have a lot of facial hair. I don't know if Kyle can grow facial hair or not, but do you think it would help the performance on the race track if he was able to grow a mustache?"

CH: "I think Kyle can grow an awesome mustache actually. He can't grow much facial hair, but he can grow a sweet 'stache. And I've been telling him to do it. He better get on it. I hope he's listening."

Uproarious laughter after that last line from hosts Dave Moody and Angie Skinner let Heroy know he'd been had.

"I saw you walking around the shop, I knew you were going to do this, ya jerk," Heroy quipped, laughing.

Larson, for his part, then admitted if he started trying to grow a mustache today, it might fill in by January.

Listen to the exchange below, plus hear Larson's take his fourth-place finish at Watkins Glen.