Jeff Gordon: Cat is one of my 'biggest fans'

June 20, 2014, Staff report,

Jeff Gordon: Cat is one of my 'biggest fans'
Feline wears No. 24 bandana, maybe a tattoo?

Jeff Gordon is a native of Vallejo, California, and he considers Sonoma Raceway "home for me." The road course is 13 miles west on Highway 37 from Vallejo.

"People like to pull for the hometown boy, or the old guy these days," Gordon said on Friday at the track.

But people aren't alone as he found out when he saw a cat wearing a Jeff Gordon bandana and rolling through the garage in a stroller.

"Two of my biggest fans -- the cat and the lady holding the cat," Gordon said. "Did you see the tattoos as well? The cat, I don't know, [it] may have tattoos also. I'm not sure."

The four-time NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champion leads all drivers with five wins at Sonoma, and he loves racing at the track that's 13 miles west of Vallejo on Highway 37. But when asked, he still wasn't certain whether it was his home track.

"I had to think about it because it's the closest track to my home, and a lot of my family is still here," Gordon said. "But I never saw this race track until 1993 when I drove my first Cup race. I mean, I drove by it; I knew of it. It is hard to say it is my home track, but this is home for me.

"I love coming out here, and yet had I not moved to Indiana, I don't know if I would be here today, and get the reception we get out here, which is a fantastic one. It is awesome. Even my truck driver was saying that the truck parade that was last night in Sacramento, he saw 24 hats everywhere.

"That is not necessarily the case in Johnson City, Tennessee. It is unique, and it is different. Of course the success we've had out here helps to contribute to that." 


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