Cowabunga, dude! Bayne beats, bangs at the Glen

August 09, 2014, Staff report,

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fan exacts revenge on No. 6 crew chief

WATKINS GLEN, N.Y. -- Trevor Bayne had a busy first half of the NASCAR Nationwide Series Zippo 200 at The Glen, and not just on the track, on his way to a 13th-place finish.

"Lady in a ninja turtle shirt just came to fight Chad (CC) on the pit box. #whatisthisday"

--Ashton Bayne

With road course races resembling short-track wrangling these days, Bayne beat and banged on Lap 11 with Kenny Habul's No. 75. Fifteen laps later, he tangled with Kevin O'Connell's No. 23. J.J. Yeley felt Bayne's wrath on Lap 34.

"We were just kind of riding around," Yeley said. "I let the 99 (James Buescher) go by my outside and went to tuck back up behind and next thing you know, I guess the 6 (Bayne) must've tried to shove it in there and turned me the wrong way, head on into the fence.

"I don't know how he was going to pass me, but if he'd given me another corner, he could've gone by me just like the 99. You know, not even halfway into the race, you'd expect a little bit more of someone who's got the experience they do. Regardless, it makes it tough."

Following the third altercation, Bayne was trending on Twitter in the United States, and his wife, Ashton, said her husband's crew chief, Chad Norris, came under attack at the hands of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fan on top of the No. 6 pit box.

The "lady in a ninja turtle shirt" was Denise Harmon-Mixon, who is a spotter on the No. 28 car, according to her Twitter handle. The No. 93 car, driven by Tomy Drissi, is owned by Gregg Mixon and was sporting a Turtles paint scheme, which proudly proclaimed Friday's opening of the reboot of the franchise starring Megan Fox.

Tomy Drissi and his No. 93 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles paint scheme

"I tried to keep myself in a safe situation the whole race and somehow we were in the first three cautions," Bayne said. "So, I guess when you race around slower cars, you just have to give yourself a lot more room and know that they don't have spotters and stuff like that.

"I know the perception was really bad, those first three incidents the fact that the 6 car was on the screen for them. I feel like I couldn't do much about it. I felt like three cars kind of came across ournose and I was there. It stinks that we didn't have a chance to run this race hard because the right-front was knocked off on Lap 12 or whatever it was from the 75."

"You've got to keep the fenders on in these road course races and make it to the end. I made a commitment to myself that I was going to try to do that this weekend and tried to race smart those first few laps and somehow, we still had a torn-up fender. You've just gotta be overly cautious, I guess."

Anyone who challenges the Roush Fenway Racing No. 6 crew chief should know better than to mess with Chad Norris. See the team's tweet below:

As we told you earlier this year, Chuck Norris is a bad man so be advised to leave Chad Norris and Trevor Bayne alone.

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