Sorry, Regan: Giant D4C check has 'no cash value'

July 17, 2014, Pat DeCola,

Dash 4 Cash driver tries to cash in giant check at local bank ... unsuccessfully

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Everyone has seen those giant checks that are sometimes given out at fundraisers; the same ones that Adam Sandler was seen keeping in the backseat of his car as he plowed through the PGA Tour in his 1996 hit 'Happy Gilmore.'

But nobody ever bothers to ask the obvious: how the heck do you cash one of those things?

Nationwide Series driver and most recent Dash 4 Cash winner Regan Smith found out the hard way recently that, well, it ain't so easy.

In the latest JRM360 video, courtesy of JR Motorsports, Smith is shown trying to first pass his $100,000 check through his truck's window at the drive-through at Blue Harbor Bank -- unsuccessfully -- and things don't go a whole lot better after he made his way inside.

The teller points out that despite his name being emblazoned on the over-sized ledger, it actually has no cash value and normally Nationwide, the Dash 4 Cash program and series sponsor, just sends the money directly to the teams.

The video ends with a blooper reel and fades to black with the teller informing Smith that he can't cash the check because "We're Sadler fans," which, of course, is a fantastic reference to the Smith/Elliott Sadler feud from last year.

Be sure to tune in this weekend to Saturday's 300 (8:30 p.m. ET, ESPN2) for more Dash 4 Cash action. Smith, Sadler, Chris Buescher and Brian Scott are eligible to earn the $100.000 Dash 4 Cash bonus for this race.



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