Sonoma is for lovers, just not for me

June 20, 2014, George Winkler,

Whining about NASCAR tweets coming out of wine country

Yes, we get it. You're in Sonoma, and we're not.

And you're going to do everything in your power to rub that fact in our faces via social media.

To those who are participating in such endeavors, I have two things to say to you:

1. May your fine wine turn to vinegar.

2. And may your Napa cabbage give you gas (not the Sunoco kind, either).

With all due respect to Executive VP Steve O'Donnell, you pierced my heart from Point Reyes with this tweet:

It's a nice shot of the ocean, for sure, but that's "my" Point Reyes, Steve, the place where I found my first sea anemones on an eighth-grade field trip.

And for the love of all things Jose Canseco, was that Austin Dillon at the Oakland Coliseum (or whatever it's called these days) for the A's-Red Sox game?

I once got into trouble in my high school history class (sorry, Mr. Hawk) for listening to an A's-Red Sox playoff game on a thing called a Walkman (see: Lansford, Carney). 

Those are nice seats, Austin, but they should have been mine:

And finally, there's this, which is what I call the toppings for it all:

It's Ricky Stenhouse Jr. hanging out with Guy Fieri of "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" and getting this beautiful shot of a pizza (well, and of Danica, too).  

What I wouldn't do to hang out with a guy who has higher cholesterol than me (unless he's got some good statins, that is).

So keep them coming, people. Keep loving on Sonoma.

This native Northern Californian who now lives in Charlotte won't mind it at all.