Watch Olympic swimmer, NASCAR hopeful belly flop

August 12, 2014, Brad Norman,

Tyler Clary shows he knows how to celebrate a win

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Driving a race car requires technical precision and a reliance on the fundamentals. The technique has to be perfect.

Aspiring NASCAR driver Tyler Clary, an Olympic swimmer who is also a member of's Fantasy Live Celebrity League, displayed all of those traits Sunday in Irvine, California.

No, the 2012 gold medalist wasn't driving a car. And technically, he wasn't even swimming in a race.

He was celebrating. After winning two events, finishing runner-up in another and third-place in a fourth, Clary climbed his starter's stand, waved to the crowd, adjusted his goggles, wiggled his body … and executed an absolutely perfect belly flop. If it were an Olympic event, he would have gotten 10s across the board.

After watching the video below, we're eagerly awaiting Clary's future NASCAR career -- in particular his Victory Lane celebration.