Bad British Commentary: NASCAR edition

July 29, 2014, Pat DeCola,

What happens when a British guy who knows nothing about NASCAR tries to commentate on race day?

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"No. 17, tired of being in the lead, lets someone else have a go. How charming."

-- The Whistle on Timothy Peters surrendering the lead after getting loose

Our friends over at Whistle Sports, known for their awesome YouTube videos -- which have netted close to 1 billion views -- are at it again, this time with Anthony Richardson, their resident Bad British Commentator, taking on some NASCAR footage and inserting his own "bad" commentary, all the while speaking in a British accent.

Naturally, this leads to some pretty outlandish lines, which are all borderline amazing.

A few of our personal favorites:

Nationwide Series driver Brian Scott standing in his window with one foot hanging out:

"He appears to have welded his own foot to the door! That will not help him one bit."

Green flag for a NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race:

"And we're underway! This category: Cars that have no backseats. Terrible for families or couples on first dates."

In-car camera of a Jimmie Johnson pit stop:

"Some crafty thieves have lured a driver off the road and are stealing his tires! It's daylight robbery! Oh, dear. He'll try and continue his race without any wheels but I'm afraid that will be a fruitless endeavor."

There's also a great line that relates Kyle Larson to the story of the tortoise and the hare, but you'll have to watch the video to hear it.

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