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Thank you for joining us for today's Lap-by-Lap. What a race! Suarez walks away as 2016's XFINITY Series champion. We return tomorrow for the Sprint Cup Series main event where Logano, Kyle Busch, Edwards and Johnson vie for the Sprint Cup Series championship.

Championship 4

Sadler finished third, Allgaier sixth and Jones ninth.

A champion is crowned

And Daniel Suarez is the 2016 XFINITY Series champion!

Lap 200

NASCAR is checking the lug nuts on Suarez's Toyota.

Lap 200

Suarez crosses the start/finish line first.

Lap 199

Allgaier and Jones race in seventh and eighth, respectively.

Lap 199

White flag in the air!

Lap 198

It's Suarez with a three-car length lead over Sadler.

Lap 197

Cole Whitt slowed the Jones and Allgaier.

Lap 197

Suarez has cleared Sadler.

Lap 197

Sadler and Suarez battle for first.

Lap 197

Cole Whitt (who did not pit) and Sadler restart 1-2.

Lap 194

And Suarez's team with: "It's all up to you, my man."

Lap 194

Jones being told: "You need the restart of your life, then block like hell."

Lap 193

Race off pit road: 1 19 20 3 7 2 88 42 33 22. Sadler only took two while the rest took four.

Lap 192

Leaders head to pit road. This will be interesting, Jones only has a pair of scuffed tires.

Lap 190

Caution: Ray Black Jr. spins.

Lap 190

10 laps to go!

Lap 189

Jones keeps getting into the wall.

Lap 187

Suarez holds onto the lead by .4 seconds.

Lap 184

The leaders are hitting some lapped traffic.

Lap 183

Jones has caught up to Suarez.

Lap 183

Sadler has worked through some traffic and now sits in 11th.

Lap 182

And Jones is hunting down his JGR teammate.

Lap 181

And now Allgaier brushes the wall again. He has been struggling with this all day. Jones now in second.

Lap 180

Allgaier and Jones are slowly decreasing Suarez's lead, little-by-little.

Lap 179

"Where is he beating me?" Allgaier asks about Jones.

Lap 178

The battle between Allgaier and Jones has allowed Suarez to secure a bigger lead.

Lap 177

Allgaier is able to surge a bit ahead of Jones.

Lap 177

These two are side-by-side for second.

Lap 176

Allgaier back to second with slight contact.

Lap 175

Jones around Allgaier for second.

Lap 175

Tifft wheel his No. 18 to pit road.

Lap 175

Tifft in the wall. We are still green.

Lap 174

Sadler continues to sit outside the top 10 in 14th -- can't seem to work through traffic.

Lap 173

The top three sit within 2 seconds of one another.

Lap 172

Now Jones moves around Austin for third.

Lap 171

Austin Dillon continues to be sandwiched between Chasers Allgaier (second) and Jones (fourth).

Lap 170

After restarting first, Almirola down to 18th.

Lap 168

Suarez has more of a comfortable lead now with 1.2 seconds on Allgaier.

Lap 166

Allgaier sits .7 seconds behind Suarez.

Lap 165

Austin Dillon slides up to third, putting Jones in fourth.

Lap 165

With the sun set, the track is changing a bit.

Lap 164

Jones in third.

Lap 163

Suarez shoots up to the lead with Allgaier trailing him in second.

Lap 163


Lap 163

Almirola and Blaney bring us back to the green flag.

Lap 161

Very slow stop for Sadler. He will now restart 16th. Almirola and Blaney stayed out so they will lead us to green.

Lap 160

Race off pit road: 19 7 20 2 42 88 3 62 33 16. They all took four tires.

Lap 160

The field heads to pit.

Lap 158

These final laps are going to be real good with all Chasers back in contention to win the title.

Lap 157

Yellow: Debris on the backstretch.

Lap 157

Sadler has dropped to seventh.

Lap 157

And now Jones back in first!

Lap 156

Allgaier back in the lead.

Lap 156

New leader: Erik Jones.

Lap 155

Jones is right behind Allgaier in a battle for first.

Lap 154

Allgaier has .5 seconds over Suarez.

Lap 153

Austin Dillon has broken up the Championship 4 drivers, sandwiched between Jones (third) and Sadler (fifth).

Lap 152

Allgaier, Suarez and Jones all within .3 seconds of one another.

Lap 152

Allgaier takes the lead.

Lap 151

Austin Dillon, Darrell Wallace Jr. and Ty Dillon racing fifth through seventh.

Lap 149

Sadler tries to get around Allgaier for second but he's unable to make the pass.

Lap 148

It's Suarez, Allgaier, Sadler and Jones.

Lap 147

Jones back down to fourth. Sadler and Allgaier are battling for second.

Lap 146

Jones surges to third with some fresh tires.

Lap 145

Suarez in first, Allgaier in second, Sadler in third and Jones in fourth.

Lap 144

All Chasers are now in the top five.

Lap 143


Lap 143

Suarez back up to first.

Lap 143

Almirola (who did not pit) and Suarez restart on the front row with Ty Dillon and Allgaier right behind them in third and fourth, respectively.

Lap 140

All Chasers are on the fuel window.

Lap 140

Suarez being told to save fuel.

Lap 139

Race off pit road: 19 3 7. Fuel only for Allgaier and Suarez.

Lap 138

We are back to yellow and the leaders pit.

Lap 137

All four Chasers will restart in the top 10. Suarez leads, Allgaier in second, Sadler P4 and Jones sitting in ninth.

Lap 137

The field is being stopped as we are now under red-flag conditions.

Lap 137

The No. 51 of Clements involved too.

Lap 137

The No. 46 of Jordan Anderson involved and smoking on the track.

Lap 137

Yellow: Reed with a tire down.

Lap 137

Jones working his way through the field and now ninth.

Lap 136

Three of the four championship contenders race within 1.2 seconds of one another. This title is truly up for grabs.

Lap 134

Jones up two spots in 13th.

Lap 134

Sadler has worked his way up to fourth after restarting eighth.

Lap 133

It's a battle for both the win and championship between Suarez and Allgaier.

Lap 132

Suarez leads with Allgaier pushing his way to second.

Lap 132

We are three-wide!

Lap 131

No. 20 team radio: "It's now or never. Make it happen."

Lap 131

Suarez and Ty Dillon bring us to another green as the sun begins to set in Miami.

Lap 128

Some non-Chasers could mix up the Chase field a bit. Ty Dillon, Bowyer and Almirola all in contention to win.

Lap 128

"Think we’re good to go here," Jones' team tells him after repairing his Toyota. He will restart 15th.

Lap 128

That pit stop was vital for Sadler. He moved up four spots and will restart eighth. He was running outside the top 10 prior to the yellow.

Lap 127

Allgaier being told they're about 15 laps short on fuel to make it to end.

Lap 127

Jones with an extra-long pit stop as his team tries to work on his struggling No. 20.

Lap 126

Race off pit road: 19 3 7 88 98 16 2 1 62 39. All took four tires. Sadler up four spots.

Lap 126

Here we go. Leaders head to pit road.

Lap 125

"I got to quit that," Allgaier tells his team after he scrapes the wall again. He was close to passing Suarez before hitting the wall.

Lap 124

Caution: Poole in the No. 48 with a right-front tire down.

Lap 124

That allowed Almirola to get around him for third.

Lap 123

Allgaier makes contact with the wall again.

Lap 122

Allgaier right on Suarez's back bumper. These two are duking it out for the championship.

Lap 121

Jones and Sadler still struggling outside the top 10.

Lap 120

Gase is out of today's race after engine issues -- a fire erupted underneath is hood while he was pitting.

Lap 119

If Dillon won today's race, he would break his 79-race winless streak.

Lap 118

"Go get that one ahead of you, he's struggling, hit your marks," the No. 7 team is telling Allgaier.

Lap 117

Dillon leads by over a second.

Lap 116

Allgaier now up to third -- right behind Suarez.

Lap 115

Suarez trails Dillon by about four-car lengths.

Lap 114

New leader: Ty Dillon.

Lap 113

The No. 24 is back in the race.

Lap 113

Dillon closing in on Suarez.

Lap 109

Things aren't looking too promising from Jones or Sadler. Both have fallen out of the top 10. Jones is in 11th and Sadler in 14th.

Lap 108

Top five as they run: Suarez, Ty Dillon, Almirola, Allgaier and Austin Dillon.

Lap 107

Almirola has taken third with Allgaier down to fourth.

Lap 105

Jones continues to be very unhappy with his car. Being told to "settle in and focus. Calm down. That's not going to help."

Lap 104

Suarez widening the gap between himself and Dillon. Almost up to a 1-second lead.

Lap 103

Allgaier is trying to get around Dillon for second.

Lap 101

Best friends Darrell Wallace Jr. and Ryan Blaney racing together in 15th and 16th, respectively.

Lap 100

Suarez the new leader.

Lap 100

Halfway! The championship is anyones at this point.

Lap 99

Suarez trails Dillon in second by just .2 seconds.

Lap 98

Allgaier around Larson for third.

Lap 98

Dillon is our new leader with Larson dropping to second.

Lap 96

Larson holds onto the lead with Dillon, Suarez and Allgaier right on his rear.

Lap 96

Larson holds onto the lead with Dillon, Suarez and Allgaier right on his rear.

Lap 95

Larson and Ty Dillon battle it out on the front row, taking the field back to green.

Lap 92

Bowman in sixth: "It's way worse than it was in practice, I don't think you can do anything to help it."

Lap 92

Joey Gase struggling on pit road, appears to have engine issues.

Lap 92

Pit road now closed. The No. 24 goes to the garage.

Lap 91

All four of the title contenders stay off pit road.

Lap 91

None of our leaders pit, but Ryan Blaney -- who was running P11 at the time -- is the highest driver on the board to pit.

Lap 90

It seems unlikely that many will head there, but pit road is open.

Lap 90

NASCAR posting the No. 24 of LaJoie.

Lap 89

Now under yellow, that loose tire is being removed from pit road.

Lap 89

Ryan Sieg is the lucky dog.

Lap 88

Caution: Fluid on the track.

Lap 87

Jones continues to be unhappy with his Toyota: "It's all over the place. It's tight, loose, tight, loose. We haven't done anything for the back."

Lap 85

Here's where the Chase contenders are running: Suarez (fourth), Allgaier (sixth), Jones (ninth) and Sadler (11th).

Lap 84

And now he does. Ty Dillon in second with brother Austin behind him in third.

Lap 83

Corey LaJoie the only car yet to pit.

Lap 82

Green-flag pit stops have cycled through. Larson our new leader.

Lap 82

That tire is still on pit road. No yellow yet.

Lap 81

Allgaier the last Chaser to pit.

Lap 80

Suarez pits. There is a loose tire on pit road, but no yellow yet.

Lap 80

Sadler with a trackbar adjustment following complaints of his No. 1 being tight.

Lap 80

Sadler on pit road too.

Lap 79

Jones is the first Chaser to pit.

Lap 78

Larson begins the green-flag pit stops. He has damage to his right-side following contact with the wall.

Lap 77

Ty Dillon threatening to take second from Allgaier.

Lap 76

Allgaier is decreasing the gap between himself and Suarez.

Lap 75

Thus far, Allgaier, Ty Dillon and Larson have had incidents with the wall.

Lap 75

Jones and Sadler continue to struggle in eighth and 10th, respectively. They're going to need some adjustments if they want to contend for this championship.

Lap 74

Allgaier continues to complain that his Chevy is tight.

Lap 73

Allgaier bounced back nicely to second after his contact with the wall.

Lap 71

Which has us thinking green-flag pit stops should be happening shortly. The leaders haven't pitted since the caution came out on Lap 23.

Lap 70

Allgaier team says it will have to pull on the body panels during next pit stop because of damage from scraping the wall.

Lap 68

And now Allgaier back up to third. Ty Dillon up to second and Larson down to fourth.

Lap 67

Now Ty Dillon around Allgaier for third.

Lap 67

This gives Suarez a 1.5-second cushion.

Lap 66

Allgaier makes slight contact with the wall, allowing Larson to take second.

Lap 66

25 cars sit on the lead lap as Suarez continues to set a blistering pace.

Lap 65

Suarez refuses to give up his lead but Allgaier won't quit in his pursuit for the lead.

Lap 63

Larson could continue to play a factor today. He is the defending race victor and is so good here as he likes to ride the high line.

Lap 62

Allgaier is making a statement here today. He sits .2 seconds behind Suarez.

Lap 61

Allgaier unable to complete the pass. Suarez remains our leader.

Lap 61

Battle for the lead!

Lap 61

Larson brushes the wall. We are still green.

Lap 60

Suarez is working his way through lapped traffic, again.

Lap 59

Sadler, who is the lowest Chaser on the board: "Too free back in the gas, extremely tight center."

Lap 57

"Still tight center, loose off. Entry good both ends," reports Allgaier.

Lap 55

The 2016 XFINITY Series championship will be won by either a Joe Gibbs Racing wheelman or a JR Motorsports team. Suarez and Jones make up the JGR cars while Sadler and Allgaier compete for JRM.

Lap 54

All four Chasers are racing inside the top 10.

Lap 53

Allgaier inching towards Suarez, who has been a rocket all day.

Lap 52

Jones' teammate Tifft threatens to take seventh from him.

Lap 51

Jones has failed to pickup any positions since the restart, as reported by NBCSN.

Lap 50

Suarez and Allgaier are making their way through some lapped traffic.

Lap 49

Allgaier sits about .6 seconds behind Suarez.

Lap 48

Jones' frustration continues: "No lateral (grip) on exit."

Lap 47

Top five as they run: Suarez, Allgaier, Larson, Bowman and Ty Dillon.

Lap 46

Jones: "I can't do anything now to catch the 3." Is team is assuring him that he has a "long way to go."

Lap 45

NASCAR is posting the No. 40 of Timmy Hill.

Lap 44

After struggling in ninth, Sadler has started to bounce back as he now sits in ninth.

Lap 43

Suarez's crew chief Scott Graves won last year's XFINITY Series title with Chris Buescher.

Lap 41

Suarez continues to race in first with Allgaier right behind him in second. Jones sits in sixth and Sadler in 10th.

Lap 40

Bowman around Larson.

Lap 39

Sadler has dropped to 11th.

Lap 38

Allgaier looks to pass Larson for second. Bowman just behind Allgaier in fourth.

Lap 37

Suarez clears Larson for first.

Lap 36

Suarez and Allgaier are side-by-side for second.

Lap 35

Here's where the Chasers are running: Allgaier (second), Suarez (fourth), Sadler (fifth) and Jones (seventh).

Lap 33

After an intense battle, Larson manages to hold onto first with Allgaier just behind him.

Lap 32

Larson and Allgaier are side-by-side for first.

Lap 32

Larson and Allgaier lead the field to the green flag. All Championship 4 drivers restart in the top 10.

Lap 29

NASCAR continues to clean up oil on the track. We remain yellow.

Lap 26

Race off pit road: 42 7 88 19 1 3 20 22 18 22. All took four tires. Allgaier and Bowman move up a spot while Suarez drops two.

Lap 25

Leaders head to pit road for the first time for fuel, tires and adjustments.

Lap 24

Reed spins in the grass after hitting the wall in Turn 2. Larson was the leader at the time. He is now on pit road.

Lap 23

Caution: Ryan Reed in Turn 2.

Lap 23

Tifft continues to climb towards the top of the board. He is currently sixth.

Lap 23

New leader: Larson.

Lap 22

Austin Dillon (P12) complaining his Chevy is tight. Told to make sure his fans are on.

Lap 21

Sadler has now dropped to fifth with Bowman going around his teammate for fourth.

Lap 20

Jones in eighth: "We're just bad right now, no grip."

Lap 20

Allgaier (P3) sits more than 2 seconds behind Larson (P2).

Lap 19

Larson has slightly decreased Suarez's lead.

Lap 18

Top five as they run: Suarez, Larson, Allgaier, Sadler and Bowman.

Lap 17

Allgaier has moved around Sadler for third.

Lap 16

If Suarez wins the XFINITY Series championship it would make him the first Latin American NASCAR driver to win a national series title.

Lap 15

Sadler and Allgaier continue to race together in a pack as they hunt down the speedy Suarez.

Lap 15

Dillon and Jones side-by-side for seventh.

Lap 14

Allgaier around Blaney for fourth.

Lap 14

Larson is now second with Sadler in third. Blaney dropped two spots to fourth.

Lap 13

Suarez keeps increasing the gap between himself and the field.

Lap 12

Tifft, in the No. 18 JGR Toyota, is already up to 11th. He started 39th and currently the highest mover -- as reported by NBCSN.

Lap 11

Suarez has 1.2 seconds over Blaney. Larson completes the top three.

Lap 10

Seems like Jones had trouble during both restarts as he started on the inside line and Miami is a track best run right against the wall.

Lap 9

Here's how the Chasers are currently running: Suarez (first), Sadler (fourth), Allgaier (fifth) and Jones (eighth).

Lap 8

Sadler and Allgaier are battling for position.

Lap 8

We are three-wide at the restart.

Lap 7

Suarez maintains his lead with another strong restart.

Lap 7

And we're back to green! Suarez and Blaney restart 1-2.

Lap 5

The No. 51 of Jeremy Clements too fast on pit road.

Lap 3

Caution: No. 13 of Brandon Hightower spins in Turn 2.

Lap 3

Erik Jones down in seventh. Justin Allgaier up to fourth.

Lap 1

Daniel Suarez leads at Miami.

3:49:00 p.m.

Green Flag -- Ford EcoBoost 300 (200 laps, 300 miles).

3:40 p.m.

"Drivers, Start Your Engines" by: Johnathon Hillstrand.

3:32:45 p.m.

Flyby TOT: 2-F-18's from VFC-111 Sun Downers, NAS Key West.

3:31:00 p.m.

National Anthem by: VIKINA.

3:30:15 p.m.

Invocation by: Pastor Sammy Flores, Christ Fellowship.

3:30:00 p.m.

Intro Presentation of Colors: The U.S Southern Command Joint Color Guard.

3:29:30 p.m.

Pledge of Allegiance by: SDNL Grand Prize Winner.

3:28:15 p.m.

God Bless America by: SFC Mari Koontz.

Last year's race

Kyle Larson is the defending race winner. Today, he will start seventh. It was this event last year when Chris Buescher was crowned the 2015 XFINITY Series champion.

Top five

Sprint Cup regular Ryan Blaney and Austin Dillon complete the starting top five in fourth and fifth, respectively.

Chase update

Fellow Championship 4 drivers Elliott Sadler and Erik Jones will start with Suarez in second and third, respectively. Justin Allgaier will start sixth.

Pole winner

Daniel Suarez earned his third Coors Light Pole Award of the season and will lead the field to the green flag.


Welcome to today's Lap-by-Lap. Today we are at Homestead-Miami Speedway for the XFINITY Series grand finale. We have Erik Jones, Daniel Suarez, Justin Allgaier and Elliott Sadler vying for the 2016 XFINITY Series championship.