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", "image": "" }},{"@type": "ListItem","position": "2","item": { "@type": "ListItem", "url": "", "description": "Once again, we come to grips with the fact that Jimmie Johnson is the most interesting man in the world.", "image": "" }},{"@type": "ListItem","position": "3","item": { "@type": "ListItem", "url": "", "description": "The appropriate way to write out the Sadler accent. It's different from writing out the Ward Burton accent, which consists of just mashing random keys on your keyboard.", "image": "" }},{"@type": "ListItem","position": "4","item": { "@type": "ListItem", "url": "", "description": "Indeed. We all like him a little less now. I'm serious.", "image": "" }},{"@type": "ListItem","position": "5","item": { "@type": "ListItem", "url": "", "description": "I would like you all to know that Elliott Sadler has never ever been speechless so this is monumental. Remember where you were on this day.", "image": "" }},{"@type": "ListItem","position": "6","item": { "@type": "ListItem", "url": "", "description": "If he barfs when he wins a race, I simply don't want to know what sort of peristaltic reaction occurred after this.", "image": "" }},{"@type": "ListItem","position": "7","item": { "@type": "ListItem", "url": "", "description": "Cool deal for Joey, even if he's a Patriots fan, being from New England and all. Imagine if the Patriots win the Super Bowl. Red Sox win World Series. Logano wins the championship. Big year for New England. Finally.", "image": "" }},{"@type": "ListItem","position": "8","item": { "@type": "ListItem", "url": "", "description": "No need to have a band perform. Just have a parachuter fly in and get snagged on something. Nothing is more entertaining.", "image": "" }},{"@type": "ListItem","position": "9","item": { "@type": "ListItem", "url": "", "description": "Tweets scheduled in January 2018.", "image": "" }} ] }