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In celebration of Chase Elliott's 23rd birthday, here are nine reasons it's great to be a fan of Driver No. 9.", "image": "" }},{"@type": "ListItem","position": "2","item": { "@type": "ListItem", "url": "", "description": "Chase Elliott is an Xfinity Series champion. His father is an Xfinity Series rookie.", "image": "" }},{"@type": "ListItem","position": "3","item": { "@type": "ListItem", "url": "", "description": "He's the only NASCAR driver with a fan siren.", "image": "" }},{"@type": "ListItem","position": "4","item": { "@type": "ListItem", "url": "", "description": "He's an appreciator of fine cuisine. The combination of Mountain Dew and Little Caesar's sounds like one heck of a Friday night.", "image": "" }},{"@type": "ListItem","position": "5","item": { "@type": "ListItem", "url": "", "description": "He's won at least one race and one pole position in all three NASCAR national touring series -- five if you include the K&N Series, and six if you include the ARCA Racing Series.", "image": "" }},{"@type": "ListItem","position": "6","item": { "@type": "ListItem", "url": "", "description": "Six times he's finished ninth. Nice.", "image": "" }},{"@type": "ListItem","position": "7","item": { "@type": "ListItem", "url": "", "description": "William Clyde II's got the coolest nickname to disguise his actual name. Plus, \"Chase Elliott\" is both a name and a command the second-place driver might hear over the radio during the race.", "image": "" }},{"@type": "ListItem","position": "8","item": { "@type": "ListItem", "url": "", "description": "By winning the 2014 Xfinity Series championship, he was the first rookie to win a title in any series. That is, of course, aside from the first year NASCAR was a thing, because then everybody was technically a rookie.", "image": "" }},{"@type": "ListItem","position": "9","item": { "@type": "ListItem", "url": "", "description": "The Dover Downs casino actually lost money because of all the people who bet on him to win at Dover International Speedway at 10/1 odds, per Sports Business Journal.", "image": "" }},{"@type": "ListItem","position": "10","item": { "@type": "ListItem", "url": "", "description": "When things go wrong, he (famously) hates it for his guys. But when things go right, they know how to celebrate.", "image": "" }} ] }