Dale Earnhardt Jr

Our reader-selected retirement gift for Dale Jr. has been delivered, fits perfectly

MORE: @nascarcasm and @steveluvender come up with retirement gift for Dale

The holiday season concluded several days ago, but the greatest gift had yet to be given.

We are pleased to announce that our reader-selected retirement gift for Dale Earnhardt Jr. — a dapper Washington Redskins blazer, initially suggested by Twitter user @_F1yer_ — has reached our best friend Dale, just in time for the playoffs! OK, that was mean, sorry.

You may notice that the blazer fits impeccably, hugging Dale’s frame perfectly, just like his bicycle shorts. You’d be hard pressed to put on more ritz that this. We figured that this jacket can be the start of his broadcast wardrobe, as he prepares to make the move to NASCAR on NBC in 2018. Finally, something on a NASCAR broadcast that is louder than the roar of the engines.

We are especially pleased that Amy Earnhardt seems to LOVE the blazer. We can only assume that in the near future, after the birth of their first child, in every family photo, Christmas card picture, etc. Dale will be wearing this versatile blazer. Amy, should you wish for a matching one, please to not hesitate to DM us.

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The opening of said gift was even recorded and posted to the Twitter. WARNING: do not watch without a box of tissues nearby. The waterworks will inevitably turn on. We challenge any lame-ass unboxing video on YouTube to TOP THIS:

Our only suggestion — keep this magnificent piece of apparel somewhere safe. First off, Gus could attempt to rip it to shreds. Secondly, Amy may or may not attempt to bury it somewhere on your property, possibly back behind the Old West town, and by the time you realize it’s gone, it will be too late.

So once again, happy retirement. Welcome to the realm of high fashion.


@SteveLuvender & @NASCARCASM