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More than music: Pitbull’s vision for Trackhouse is uniting fans around the world

Christian Petersen | Getty Images

It was one of the most historic days in NASCAR history when Trackhouse Entertainment Group founder Justin Marks and global music superstar Pitbull teamed up to form Trackhouse Racing in 2021. With one of the world’s biggest stars bringing his name to stock car racing’s biggest stage, it was a monumental match.

Now, just over two years later, Trackhouse has solidified themselves as Cup Series championship contenders — and Mr. Worldwide’s new album “Trackhouse” is set to launch them even further.

Pitbull’s team-titled album is set to release on July 7, and Trackhouse is building anticipation with a unique Pitbull-themed paint scheme on Daniel Suárez’s Chevrolet Camaro for Monday’s race at Dover Motor Speedway (12 p.m. ET, FS1, PRN, SiriusXM NASCAR Radio).

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According to Pitbull, these types of collaborative initiatives are vital for increasing the sport’s global outreach.

“The whole initiative when we got together with Trackhouse was all about uniting people and also creating awareness for Trackhouse and also for the sport and NASCAR,” said Pitbull in a teleconference on Wednesday. “So, I feel that music is a universal language. It unites, it doesn’t divide. It’s the same way that you can utilize the race car and how everybody loves racing.

“So, put ’em together, and that’s, to me, what it’s all about — how do we find different ways, unconventional, untraditional ways, to be able to create awareness, unite people, bring ’em out to the tracks and have fun and enjoy. Make them fall in love with Trackhouse on our journey.”

Trackhouse’s meteoric rise at the sport’s top level has been well documented. But never more than when Ross Chastain executed the legendary “Hail Melon” at Martinsville Speedway in the 2022 Cup Series Playoffs. For Trackhouse and Chastain specifically, it was a “life-changing moment.”

The gusty move was so iconic that it broke the internet and has even landed a specific reference on Pitbull’s upcoming album.

“There’s a record called ‘It Takes Three’ where I did mention the move,” Pitbull said. “You know, I call ’em Ross ‘Off-the-Wall, Off-the-Chain’ Chastain and then it’s Daniel ‘Rápido’ Suárez. But I did mention it.”

As the partnership between team members at all levels continues to grow, Marks knows the main mission is to channel the various perspectives and keep creating new, innovative opportunities for race fans. While not at the track every weekend, he knows Pitbull’s vision for the organization has been a large part of their success.

“It’s been amazing, just because we all just think so much alike,” added Trackhouse Racing co-owner Justin Marks. “It’s about trying to create something great in the world and something that’s memorable. Something that resonates with as many people and inspires as many people as possible.

“So, really, it’s a creative collaboration, and it’s an alignment in stories. It’s given [Trackhouse Racing] an opportunity to have a partner that’s very creative and has very different life experience and seeing the world through a different lens. But at the same time, sees the same opportunity.”

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Pitbull emphasized that his new album and ownership in Trackhouse has an authentic purpose, and his primary goal is bringing people together all around the world — and still reaching Victory Lane while doing so.

“In no way shape or form is this some kind of publicity stunt,” Pitbull said. “This is real. This is all about our stories coming together, and that’s why the fans love it. … This right here is about making history, it’s generational, it’s about creating a legacy — having won doing it with entertainment.”

And it’s pretty clear that Pitbull and Trackhouse Racing are just getting started.