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February 12, 2015

Bulletin addresses qualifying, unapproved adjustments

Rule book polices impeding qualifying attempts, defines side-skirt penalties

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On the eve of the 2015 season, NASCAR issued a bulletin that outlined updates for qualifying procedures, race violations and assessment of unapproved vehicle/mechanical adjustments, modifications, or failures penalty (including the flaring of side skirts).

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f. All vehicles must remain in the lower lane of the race track while accelerating to an appropriate speed before merging into traffic.

g. Any Competitor that intentionally impedes or interferes with another competitor’s qualifying attempt, or otherwise engages in any unsafe act while on the racing surface (including pit road) during a Qualifying attempt, may be subject to disciplinary action by NASCAR in order to protect the safety and integrity of the Qualifying procedures. Such action by NASCAR may include, but is not limited to disallowing such competitor’s posted qualifying speed(s) and/or removing the vehicle from any additional qualifying round(s) for this Event.

c. Unapproved vehicle/mechanical adjustment(s), modifications, or failures will not be permitted during an Event.

d. Examples of unapproved vehicle/mechanical adjustments(s) or modifications include, but are not limited to the following body/vehicle components as determined by NASCAR XYZ Series Managing Director in his/her sole judgment: (Examples listed)

e. Failure(s) include, but are not limited to, any of the above components detaching, deforming, moving, loosening, breaking and/or otherwise failing to maintain their shape, integrity and intended function, unless attributable, in NASCAR’s judgment, to race contact or the normal demands of racing (i.e. cracked splitter). ASSESSMENT OF UNAPPROVED VEHICLE/MECHANICAL ADJUSTMENT(S), MODIFICATION(S), OR FAILURE(S) PENALTY
a. When the observed vehicle is determined to have an unapproved mechanical adjustment(s), modification, or failure(s) by the NASCAR XYZ Series Managing Director, a directive is given to the Crew Chief for his/her vehicle to report to their assigned pit stall to perform a satisfactory repair to all applicable components before the vehicle will be released back into competition. All repairs must be satisfactory to the NASCAR Officials.

b. When the satisfactory repair is completed during a yellow flag / caution condition the vehicle must restart the race with all other penalty vehicles in respective order, take the green flag on the race track and then serve a green flag pass-thru penalty.

c. When the satisfactory repair(s) penalty is assessed under a green flag condition in the Event, the vehicle must report to their assigned pit stall until all components are repaired. When the NASCAR Official determines all repairs are satisfactory, he/she will release the vehicle back to competition.

d. If any crew member(s) is observed/involved in the cause of the unapproved vehicle/mechanical adjustment(s), modification or failure(s), whether to the team’s vehicle or to another competitor’s vehicle, then that member and the team is subject to a written warning (and any resulting Penalty, if applicable) per Section Warnings and P1 Penalty Options, as determined by the NASCAR XYZ Series Managing Director.