Despite team shutdown, Brad Keselowski highlights positives for future

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Although Brad Keselowski Racing announced it would shut its doors at the conclusion of the 2017 NASCAR Camping World Truck Series season, there are still positives to be taken away from the news.

In a new blog titled “Saying Goodbye,” team owner Brad Keselowski explained some of the reasoning that led to the difficult decision to shut down his operation after seven full-time Truck seasons.

BKR may be saying farewell to the series for the “foreseeable future,” but Keselowski noted he doesn’t want to rule out owning a NASCAR team again someday.

“That doesn’t mean I’m done being an owner for the rest of my life,” Keselowski stated. “It is my goal to continue to have a deeper role in the sport. I’ve been afforded some different opportunities to do that, whether it be as a member of driver councils, or roles that I have picked up within Penske.”

Keselowski also hinted to big plans for his current race shop.

“As far as the BKR facility goes, it’s going to play a key role in a new business endeavor I’m planning to undertake,” he said. “I’m not ready to announce what we’re doing, but I’m a big believer in manufacturing, especially advanced manufacturing. We’re looking at developing a new technology that will be relevant to motorsports, and to the broader marketplace, too. Stay tuned.”

Most importantly, Keselowski discussed how he’s helping employees that will be out of work at season’s end.

“As we close the doors of BKR, one of the things that is really important to me is helping our employees find new jobs,” Keselowski said. “With that in mind, we’re going to transition a number of the employees in different of ways. Some of them may go to Team Penske as part of the team for Ryan Blaney’s new car, and I’m really excited for those guys. They’ve got an incredible opportunity. Some of our other workers are going to stay with me in other roles. My hope is that everyone will land smoothly in their next job, whatever that turns out to be.”