Dale Jr. vs. Uber: Who came out on top?

*Warning: Some strong language is used in a series of tweets from Dale Earnhardt Jr’s verified Twitter account.*

UPDATE: And just like that — Uber comes back with a TKO. This fight is far from over.


Forget Mayweather vs. McGregor.

Dale Jr. vs. Uber is the real fight of the year.

Over the weekend, Dale Jr. noticed his rating on the ride-share app was lower than expected — 4 out of 5 stars. Some might say that’s a strong score, but he wasn’t a fan of the news. He demanded answers.

However, throughout the day, his score on the app started to rebound, but Dale Jr. knew the fight wasn’t over just yet. It was his battle to lose and he wasn’t going down that easy.

After taking another ride with Uber, Dale Jr. was enraged after his driver dropped his score under four! Rightfully so since the driver did make a promise that he would rate the driver with a perfect score. He even mentioned he was “over the top nice.”

On Monday, Dale Jr. confirmed he ended his vacation with a solid 4.4 score on Uber — an impressive jump from his dip earlier in the weekend.

For Round 1, Dale Jr. gets the slight edge. He rallied and never gave up. That’s a victory for everyone.