First look: 2017 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup unveiled

PHOTOS: See the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup

Introducing the 2017 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup.

Watch the unveil video above for your first look at what the 2017 Monster Energy Series champion will earn after the final race of the season in Miami.

Outlines of all 23 Monster Energy Series tracks adorn the 68-pound Monster Energy NASCAR Cup, which stands more than 3 feet high.

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Made of machined aluminum, it took more than 300 hours of craftsman ship to complete this beauty. The Monster Energy Series seal on the front is hand-formed around the center ring.

And that cup? It would hold roughly 600 ounces of liquid in it — that’s equivalent to more than 37 Monster Energy drinks.

“Our goal with the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup was to capture the full championship story that unfolds over the course of a season,” said Curt Bruns, vice president, motorsports division at Jostens, the company that created the memento. “We are honored to work with NASCAR to create this original piece of art that embodies what it takes to excel at the sport’s highest level.”