NASCAR Playoffs field
Sean Gardner | Getty Images

Fill-in-the-blank: 2017 NASCAR Playoffs edition

I can’t wait for this year’s NASCAR Playoffs to begin.

Even though

somehow didn’t make it, I’ll still be pulling for

— or, better yet,

I’m calling it now. The real wild card race will be


In the Round of 16, there’s Chicago, New Hampshire, and Dover. I’m not sure
 will make it past that round, because he’ll probably

After that, there’s Charlotte, Talladega, and Kansas. If it were up to me,


Then, there’s the Round of 8 — or, as I call it,

. Martinsville, Texas, and Phoenix may prove to be

tracks, but I believe

Finally, we’re off to Homestead, where I’m certain

will hoist the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup and claim

Honestly, I wish NASCAR would just


It’ll also be a

goodbye to

at the end of the season, but I certainly think

Bring on the Playoffs! I’m already starting to