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October 29, 2017

Denny Hamlin tweets apology: ‘I regret the outcome’

Denny Hamlin offered an apology to Chase Elliott, and accepted blame for moving the No. 24 car up the track and into the wall during the closing laps of Sunday’s Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Playoffs race at Martinsville Speedway.

Elliott was leading at Martinsville with less than three laps remaining when Hamlin, who had been all over the No. 24’s bumper, initiated heavy contact and sent Elliott spinning up the track. The leader at the time, Elliott would finish the race 27th. Hamlin assumed the lead, but finished sixth after losing ground on the final restart.

After the race, Elliott drove the No. 11 Toyota up into the wall, and the two emerged from their cars on the track following the race and exchanged words.

Hamlin’s full text: “I’ve raced nearly 10,000 races since I was 7. Today was the first time I’ve ever spun the leader. I regret the outcome because it was not intentional the way it turned out but I’m responsible for my own car and take blame. Nothing I say now can turn back the clock but it’s a life lesson and hope no kids out there who aspire to race thinks that’s the way you should do it. It’s becoming a normal in our sport now and I hate that I’m now in the discussion as a guilty party but I’ll move on and hope Chase, his team and fans will accept my apology.”

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