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November member of the month

Member of the Month: November

Name: Jeff
Current City: Mason, MI
Hometown: Holt, MI
Member since: 2010

Getting to know JEFF

 Q: Why did you join the Official NASCAR Fan Council?

“I wanted to offer NASCAR an objective, even-keeled opinion regarding the various topics that arise throughout any given NASCAR season. I care deeply about the sport and I appreciate having an opportunity to be heard.”

Q: How did you first become interested in NASCAR?

“I was watching the NHL playoffs with friends in the spring of 1998 and they would change the channel to the NASCAR Cup race during the breaks. What caught my attention was that they seemed to be annoyed by a rainbow-colored 24 car leading the race. They told me the driver was named Jeff Gordon and that ‘he wins too much.’ I started to tune in each week to see where Jeff was running and before long I became hooked.”

Q: What makes NASCAR special for you?

“What makes NASCAR special for me are the great NASCAR-related memories I have of my son, Aiden, and I traveling around the country to see races. Aiden was born in 2003 and saw his first cup race in 2008. We’ve attended at least 20 Cup races together since then.”

Q: Do you have any favorite NASCAR memories or traditions?

“Michigan International Speedway is my ‘home’ track, so going to see the races on Father’s Day became a highlight of our year. My favorite memory is watching Jeff Gordon win the August 2014 Cup race with Aiden. Jeff was at the Chevy stage doing a Q&A prior to the race and gave Aiden a fist bump. It was a perfect day. Something else that stands out is when I won passes to attend Jeff Gordon’s charity bowling tournament in Indianapolis. I met all of the Hendrick drivers and several others. I still have the gift bags!”

Q: If you could go to any NASCAR race/track, where would you go?


Q: Do you have a favorite in any of the following categories?

Driver: “Jeff Gordon”
Track: “Richmond”
Memorabilia: “I have a copy of Jeff Gordon’s first book autographed by Jeff Gordon, Ray Evernham, Rick Hendrick and Robbie Loomis.”

Q: What do you like to do in your free time?

“In my free time I enjoy playing music, working on computers and watching documentaries.”

Q: Where is your dream car?

“1970 Chevy Camaro SS.”

Q: What would be your dream vacation?

“Rome, Italy.”

From all of us at NASCAR, we thank Jeff for his continued support and look forward to hearing from him in 2017.