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Dillon, members of No. 3 team get tattoos to honor Daytona 500 win

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Austin Dillon’s celebration after winning his first Daytona 500 in the 60th annual running of the “Great American Race” was pretty epic — butt wait, there’s more.

The Richard Childress Racing driver and members of his No. 3 Chevrolet team got (presumably matching) posterior tattoos to commemorate the legendary win.

“Pretty cool-looking tattoo,” Dillon told reporters during a press conference Monday morning. “(My wife) Whitney’s probably the only one that’s going to see it for awhile. Pretty cool. Actually a lot of the guys got tattoos last night. Everybody was lined up. It was cool.”

Jackman Paul Swan shared some additional details with on Monday morning.

“Originally we came here three years ago on an off-weekend trip,” Swan said. “I think there was like seven of us who got the original ‘Wolfpack’ tattoos. Last night, we obviously won the (Daytona) 500, so we took a bunch of the other crew guys and took them to the same tattoo parlor.

” … Bunch of them got the tattoos and me and Austin and some other guys got some new tattoos in an undisclosed location on our bodies celebrating the 500 win. It’s just awesome. Good camaraderie. Fun time with the boys and some good tattoos.”

However, not everybody partook in adding some body art.

Crew chief Justin Alexander didn’t partake, but offered to get one “on (his) face” should the 3 team meet another milestone.

“He chickened out,” Dillon said. “He’ll get one. He said I have to win a championship, so I’ll hold it to him.”