Dale Earnhardt Jr. and wife Amy
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Dale Earnhardt Jr. prepares for baby girl’s arrival; NFL Draft will wait

Dale Earnhardt Jr. told Dan Patrick on Wednesday that he would eagerly — but nervously — welcome the chance to announce the Washington Redskins’ pick — 13th overall — in the NFL Draft.

“Any fan that gets asked to do that, they’ve got to get up there and do it and I would definitely take the opportunity if I ever got that chance,” Earnhardt Jr. said on “The Dan Patrick Show,” airing on NBCSN.

There’s one problem, though; Earnhardt Jr. and wife Amy are expecting their first child on May 2, less than one week after the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft is held on April 26.

“Nope,” he said. “Maybe next year, we go to the draft. I mean, I’m nervous to do or go anywhere. Because this could happen at any moment.”

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The preparations for the couple’s baby girl in full swing, Earnhardt told Patrick that he received a tour of the hospital recently.

“I just can’t wait til she gets here, I can’t wait to meet her,” he said. “… During the tour the other day, they took us into one of the rooms and they showed us where the delivery room is and they’ve got that little table there and damn, I about choked up just doing that. The baby ain’t even here and I’m looking at this little table and I’m getting choked up like she’s here.

“It’s going to be an incredible experience.”

Earnhardt was mum on the baby’s expected name that he and Amy have one picked out, saying he’ll “get in real big trouble if (he tells).” Plenty has changed for the former No. 88 wheelman in a year; this time last season, he was preparing for the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series’ race at Texas Motor Speedway.

“You’re driving 200 mph last year and now you’re going to try to put a baby seat in a Suburban — what happened to you, Junior,” Patrick quipped at Earnhardt, who laughed.

“I’m becoming a father,” he said.

Patrick also pointed out another part of the delivery experience that Earnhardt is all too familiar with.

“You get to drive fast one more time,” he said. “Like, if her water breaks you’ve got to get there.”

“Yeah! I know, I’m excited,” Earnhardt said. “I think the drive there and the drive back are going to be two completely different drives.