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Littlest Allgaier, 4, sends Victory Lane cheers from afar

Justin Allgaier lamented in Victory Lane that his wife, Ashley, and daughter, Harper, weren’t with him Saturday afternoon at Dover International Speedway. The consolation prize was a heart-tugging keepsake photo.

Ashley Allgaier captured 4-year-old Harper’s emotional reaction after watching her father roar to his first Xfinity win of the year in the OneMain Financial 200.

Justin Allgaier reiterated the downside of his family being at home in his post-race news conference, but said he expected that his return with Dover’s trademark Monster trophy would warmly welcomed.

“Still a cool trophy, and I’m assuming that when I get home, my daughter’s going to want this one, just because it’s pretty awesome, the Monster,” Allgaier said. “Yeah, Harper’s playroom is probably going to end up with this guy.”