Little signs: Seeing 28s everywhere brings Krista Allison Sheinfeld peace

Twenty-eight. 28. Two-eight.

It was the number Davey Allison made famous on tracks around the country, piloting the No. 28 to all 19 of his premier series victories before passing away following a tragic helicopter crash in 1993.

For his daughter Krista Allison Sheinfeld, it’s more than a number.

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The number 28 has yet to disappear for Sheinfeld following the days, months and years since the accident on that somber summer day. In fact, it’s become something more.

Krista Allison
Scott Hunter | NASCAR Productions

“I see 28s all over the place, non-stop,” she said. “When I’m going through something, when I’m having a happy time, I just see 28s on … I look at the clock and it’s 12:28 and then I look at my phone and I’m at 28 percent. And I bought a car recently and there were two 28s in the final price tag.”

Having lost her father at a young age, the struggles that have come since haven’t always been the easiest to handle. However, the memories of her father don’t come with as much heartache as they once did.

Yet, 25 years have yet to drown out the emotions that certain days evoke for the Allison family.

“My dad’s birthday and the day that he passed, every year, are really hard for me,” Sheinfeld said. “Everyone handles things in a different way. I tend to handle things where I just want to be by myself. I don’t really want to talk about it that day and that’s just how I handle it. So those days are rough, but you get past them.”

When Sheinfeld goes back to her normal routine, she feels her father is sending her reminders in his own way.

Reminders that life moves on in the most beautiful ways.

“It’s always for me when I see those 28s. It’s almost a little sign that he’s there and he’s telling me it’s OK or that was the good choice or, ‘I’m here to help you.’ It’s kind of a gut feeling that I get from those little 28 signs everywhere,” said Sheinfeld, age 28.

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