Xfinity Presents: Technology that defines NASCAR – team communications

Speed, coverage and control are critical elements of NASCAR team communications on race day, as drivers, crew chiefs and spotters explain in the first of a video series, “Xfinity Presents: Technology that Defines NASCAR.”

“It starts with the driver and him relaying what the car is doing so we can hone in on where we’re deficient and make changes to make the car go quicker,” says champion crew chief Adam Stevens, who has five wins with Kyle Busch and the No. 18 Joe Gibbs racing team this season.

The spotter is the key that puts the puzzle together during the race, Stevens continues.

The speed of that communication among drivers, crew chiefs and spotters is critical. The information flows quickly and must have a controlled approach for peak efficiency.

“I just think everything has evolved, right? Communication in general,” Stewart-Haas Racing driver Clint Bowyer says.

Bowyer’s spotter, Brett Griffin, illustrates that by explaining he now wears four radios, tracking NASCAR communications, talking with Bowyer and Crew Chief Mike Bugarewicz, communicating with Bugarewicz only, and listening to himself.

When the communication comes together, awesome pit stops, awesome passes and awesome performances come together for victories.

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