Joey Logano stands with the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Championship trophy
Robert Laberge | Getty Images

Write your own 2018 season recap, fill-in-the-blank style

2018: What a year! It feels like just yesterday

. This year, we saw the emergence of the Big 3:


. This trio won over half the races in 2018.

2018 also brought us new first-time race winners. My favorite was

. The most memorable part of the season was the race at

, where

. No one saw that coming!

Can you believe

? Maybe next year

, the

, will follow suit.

The end of the season also meant we bid farewell to

, which makes me feel so

. The only thing I may miss even more is

, to be honest.

I know William Byron won Rookie of the Year, technically, but I would have given

the award instead. My favorite finish of 2018 was

. I was

with the result.

The Championship 4 came down to the Big 3 and

in the end. While I expected

to win the championship, I’m totally

Joey Logano winning it.

If I had to guess, next year is

’s season, mostly because we almost witnessed

in 2018. Next year, though, I’m mostly looking forward to

and most importantly, the revenge of

. Bring on 2019!