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Christopher Bell’s mom shares decade-old photo of him and Joey Logano

Thank goodness for moms, am I right?

Moms keep everything. That macaroni necklace you made her for Mother’s Day 2002. Your watercolor painting of a race car that held the on-the-fridge record of a remarkable 14 months straight …

… That one time you met Joey Logano at the precipice of teendom and it was just the doggone cutest thing.

Fresh off his third straight Chili Bowl Nationals victory, Christopher Bell had one of those classic “MOM, stop embarrassing me” moments on Twitter on Tuesday when Mama Bell posted a throwback photo of young Christopher meeting a fellow fresh-faced Joey Logano in 2008.

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Fast forward 10 years to now, and Logano is coming off his first Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series championship.

And 10 years from now?

There’s a good chance we’ll be looking at that picture, thinking of how young those two NASCAR Cup Series champs look.