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May 18, 2019

Clint Bowyer throws punches at Ryan Newman after All-Star Race

CONCORD, N.C. — One hot night? This one was one hot fight night following Saturday’s Monster Energy NASCAR All-Star Race at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Tempers flared and eventually boiled over following Kyle Larson’s win, with Clint Bowyer charging toward Ryan Newman’s car and throwing a flurry of punches at the Roush Fenway Racing driver as he sat in his car — double-digit hits before Newman’s team got to the car to pull Bowyer off.

“Doesn’t take much of a man to try and fight someone with a helmet on,” Newman said. “I think he should be embarrassed of himself.”

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Once Newman exited his car, he removed his helmet and the two had an intense conversation before being pulled away.

Both drivers were called to the NASCAR hauler to speak with officials after the incident. Scott Miller, senior vice president of competition, spoke to the media after those discussions and does not expect any penalties in the coming week.

“Obviously, they had a little difference of opinion out there on the race track and they had a little difference of opinion here in the trailer,” Miller said. “But we think we kind of understand what went on out there and I think they’re in a pretty good place. We’re going to keep an eye on it.”

Were the emotions we saw post-race expected? Miller thinks yes.

“Great race, lot of passion,” Miller said. “The kind of things you want. Out of a night like tonight, you kind of expect some tempers to flare. That’s what we had. I think we’re in a pretty good place with it.”

Newman explained his reasoning behind the late-race contact, but it didn’t seem that he expected that particular outcome.

“The (No.) 14 shot me on the front straightaway earlier in the race, I just about turned him around,” Newman said. “If it weren’t for the brakes, it would have turned him around. After the race, I just went up and tapped him on the back, let him know I didn’t appreciate the way he raced me. Then he body slammed me and I hit him back a little bit on the back straightaway and then he just cut across my nose in Turn 3.”

Bowyer’s take? He thought Newman was a lap down and deserved what Bowyer gave him.

“Where I come from, you get poked in the nose for that. That’s what he got,” Bowyer said.

“I don’t know what the hell his beef was. I thought he was a lap down. Our day was over, we lost track position there. I checked up and he ran into my left rear and that’s the last I saw of him. Then after the race, he comes and runs into my back and turns me all around and I pull up next to him and he dumped me into (Turn) 4.”