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August member of the month Alexandra

Member of the Month: August

Name: Alexandra
Current City: Denver, Colorado
Member Since: 2015
Getting to know Alexandra:
Q.? How did you first become interested in NASCAR? 

“In 2006, my parents piled me and my sister into the back of our Trailblazer and took us to the drive-in theater to see the Pixar flick, Cars. I fell in love right there with racing. The sights, the sounds, the thrill … it was all so beautiful to my 11-year-old self! To say I became obsessed with Lightning McQueen would be an understatement. Then, in 2007, my dad was channel surfing and happened upon the Daytona 500. I was captivated. Could real-life racing really be as exciting as the movie Cars? Turns out it was even better. That race ended with a battle between Harvick and Martin for the win and a massive wreck on the last lap. Needless to say, I was a goner for NASCAR at this point. I decided to watch the next race, and then the next and the next and… well, here I am 11 years later, a racing and automotive fanatic. NASCAR literally set the course of my life.”

Q. What is your favorite NASCAR memory?

“I live in Colorado, so going to a race is a rare treat for me. The first race I ever attended was the Phoenix night race in the spring of 2009. My dad and I flew out in time for Friday (then Sprint Cup) practice. I could hardly wait to bust into the track and experience the unfiltered sound of the engines for real. I remember dancing around like a giddy puppy, unsure of what to do with myself as we neared the racetrack itself. As we ascended the stairs to the track, my dad said, ‘Are you ready for your first taste of NASCAR?’ No sooner were the words out of his mouth did the No. 88 of Dale Jr. rip past. (He was my driver at the time.)”

Q: Do you have a favorite in any of the following categories?

Drivers: “Martin Truex Jr. and Chase Elliott.”

Memorabilia: “I have a friend who used to be on a pit crew. He got me a lug nut off Dale Jr.’s winning Phoenix car from 2015. It’s on a necklace and yes I do wear it.”

Q. What are some of your hobbies? 

“I’ve been an avid horseback rider for most of my life, so I’m on a horse as much as I can be. I like to draw (race cars mostly), and I’m working on a science fiction novel centered around racing because I have been gifted with a talent and passion for writing. I’m currently learning everything I can about restoring classic cars because I have a 1977 Trans Am in my garage waiting to be fixed up. My friends know not to bug me at night because I’m usually buried deep in the Xbox. (It’s usually a racing game. Go figure.)”


Look for Alexandra on the Official NASCAR Fan Council page on NASCAR.COM.