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How 2019 Fantasy Live for the playoffs works

NASCAR Fantasy Live’s Playoff game will cover the 10 races in the playoffs and function similarly to the regular-season edition of Fantasy Live. There are some changes to this game from the regular season, which are explained below. Leagues put together in the regular season will be kept intact, although scoring will reset for the playoffs. Players will also be able to see their overall scoring for the season combined across the regular season and playoff formats.

Accessing the game to set your roster can be done by logging into your account and going to the Fantasy page ( You also can access the game by opening NASCAR Mobile, logging into your account and clicking the Fantasy icon on the bottom of the app.

Here is a primer to get you up to speed on the playoff game for 2019.

How is the playoff game different?
The first major difference is that there is no limit on how many times you can use a driver in the playoffs. If you are thinking that means you can roster Kyle Busch, Denny Hamlin and Kevin Harvick for every race … you can but there is a twist there that we will get to below. The roster composition of teams is different from the regular season as well (further explained below) and there are some limits on how you can utilize the garage driver. There also is an additional bonus pick that must be set by the playoff opener in Las Vegas.

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This is how the roster page will look. Playoff drivers will be specified with a special header. (NASCAR Digital Media)

What is the roster composition?
Players will be able to field a roster of starters with two active playoff drivers and two non-playoff drivers. You have one driver in your garage. Driver and garage selections lock five minutes before the race start time and do not carry over week-to-week, meaning you need to set your roster for each race.

How does the garage driver work?
Players can substitute their one garage driver up until the start of the Final Stage. Once the Final Stage starts, no more switches are allowed. However, if your garage driver is in the playoffs, you can only swap him for one of your two playoff drivers. If your garage guy is a non-playoff driver, you can only swap him for one of your two non-playoff drivers.

Example: Your active roster for Las Vegas is Kevin Harvick and Kyle Busch as playoff drivers with Paul Menard and Ricky Stenhouse Jr. as your non-playoff drivers. Martin Truex Jr. is your garage driver. Truex can only be swapped for Harvick or Busch. You CANNOT replace Truex for Menard or Stenhouse.

Which races make up the playoffs?
The playoffs, which start Sept. 15, consist of 10 races: Las Vegas, Richmond, Charlotte road course, Dover, Talladega, Kansas, Martinsville, Texas, Phoenix and Homestead-Miami. Only the Charlotte road course and Homestead-Miami have not held a race this season before the playoffs.

Do eliminated drivers shift from playoff to non-playoff?
Yes, drivers that are eliminated from the playoffs will see their designation (playoff or non-playoff) transition at the start of a new round. This will give players fewer playoff options to choose from as we get deeper into the playoffs but more non-playoff options to choose from at the same time.

So which drivers end up scoring points?
The drivers ending the race in your main roster will comprise the drivers that make up your total score. A driver that ends the race in the garage would not see his results count toward your score.

Are there any limits to how much a driver can be used?
No. Unlike the regular-season game, there are no use limits on any driver. In theory, you could field the same lineup every week if you choose.

What is the scoring system?
The scoring will reflect the NASCAR Official Scoring System. For example, if Chase Elliott wins Stage 1 and Stage 2 and wins the race, he will earn players 60 fantasy points for that particular race just as he would earn 60 points for himself in the season standings.

Drivers running in the top 10 at the end of Stage 1 and Stage 2 receive points, starting with 10 points for first, nine for second, etc. The race winner receives 40 points, while second-place receives 35 points, third receives 34 points and all the way down to 1 point for drivers that finish 36th through 40th.

Are there any bonus picks?
Yes, players can make bonus picks for the pole winner, Stage 1 winner, Stage 2 winner, race winner and manufacturer winner. The pole winner bonus pick selection will lock approximately five minutes before the start time of qualifying. All other bonus picks lock five minutes before the race start time. Bonus picks DO NOT count against driver usage.

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NEW FOR THE PLAYOFFS: Players can choose a playoff champion pick that is worth 60 points. This pick will lock five minutes before the green flag of the South Point 400 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway on Sept. 15 (7 p.m. ET on NBCSN/NBC Sports App, PRN, SiriusXM NASCAR Radio). This bonus will be added to your score at the completion of the 10-week playoffs following the Homestead-Miami Speedway finale on Nov. 17.

What is the value of each bonus pick?
Pole Winner (5 points for correct pick)
Stage 1 Winner (10 points for correct pick)
Stage 2 Winner (10 points for correct pick)
Race Winner (10 points for correct pick)
Winning Manufacturer (10 points for correct pick)
Playoffs Champion (60 points for correct pick)

Will my leagues and teams from last year be available?
Regular-season leagues will see their full membership move over to the playoffs.

What is the prize for the best player in the playoffs?
The overall winner will receive a prize of $2,500.