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November 14, 2019

Did Twitter predict the Championship 4?

Martin Truex Jr.
Jared C. Tilton
Getty Images

Back in February, before the green flag flew in the Daytona 500, we challenged people on Twitter to guess this year’s Championship 4 — the four drivers who would compete for the title of NASCAR champ nine months later.

Now, with 35 of 36 races in the books, we’ve got our Championship 4: Martin Truex Jr., Kevin Harvick, Kyle Busch and Denny Hamlin.

So, how’d Twitter do? Surely, the all-knowing users of Twitter were perfect, right?

Out of over 500 guesses, it appears two people — yeah, just two, but it’s two more than last year — correctly guessed this year’s exact Championship 4 back in February. Way to go, @tuckgraphics and @the11thdoctor25.

Enjoy your grand prize of, uhh, bragging rights. We didn’t plan a prize because we didn’t expect anybody to win. Way to go.

There were plenty of folks on Twitter who got three of the four finalists correct, but it’s all-or-nothing to make our wall of fame (or shame).

(Well, we’ll make one exception to the three-out-of-four rule since it’s too good not to share.)

And, of course, as previously threatened, we’re shaming the seven of you who picked the entire Championship 4 incorrectly. Way to whiff!

(This last one probably isn’t serious, but we have to include it for the visual alone.)

Sorry we have to shame you in such a public matter (not really sorry — you were warned), but it’s necessary. Do better next year!

Twitterer @tybaltus79 went to the effort of tabulating all the predictions – what a help! It looks like, in general, people underestimated Denny Hamlin, who rebounded from a winless 2018 to contend for a championship in 2019.

What does this all prove? Well, not much. But maybe it gave a few people the opportunity to show how good (or bad) they are at predicting the future. Maybe we’ll have more than two winners in 2020.

Thanks to everybody who played the game, and congratulations once again to our winners, @tuckgraphics and @the11thdoctor25. Go brag!