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Letarte’s, announce partnership

Former NASCAR Cup Series crew chief and current NBC Sports analyst Steve Letarte started three years ago for one reason — to give back to the racing community that has given so much to him.

Letarte achieved that simply with the creation and launch of, an innovative concept that allows potential employees to seek a new opportunity and racing teams to find talent to help take them to the next level. All of it is done anonymously, with using answers from online questionnaires to make recommendations on possible matches.

But it’s taking an even bigger step now. is partnering with The result: Individuals can create profiles and use the site for free.

“We created this three years ago with the concept of wanting to give back, and give people all over the country an opportunity to work within the sport,” Letarte told “That’s what we want to do. The database, it works and works well. Now we can provide the service for free because of our partnership with

“We’re providing a service. We didn’t create this to make money, we created it to provide a service. now taking over the paid side, it opens the service up to whoever wants to use it.”

Identifying talented individuals who are either working in the racing world or want to work in the racing world is just one part of the process, though.

Another is giving those folks an opportunity to get in front of the right team or the right people.

“I’ve had a career in racing with just a bunch of luck, with doors opening for me,” Letarte said. “There are thousands of people with as much talent and skill as I have. The goal of this was to get those doors open.”

And if the doors happen to open in a career outside of racing, well, that’s OK, too. The intent remains the same.

“Currently in racing and outside of racing, the economy is so good, so many other industries are hiring,” Letarte said. “Much like military members, racing members are recognized as having a strong work ethic and excellent work quality. The correct thing to do is make the database free and open it up to non-racing industries as well.

“I owe everything in my entire life to NASCAR. I was at Hendrick Motorsports for 20 years, and I’ve been with NBC since then. Racing is all I’ve ever done. That doesn’t mean it will be the same for everyone. If there’s another industry that suits others on personally, shame on us for not trying to help that person connect.”

Visit to explore the site, learn more or sign up. Email if you need more information.