Drivers chasing the All 40 Challenge in 2020

In NASCAR, the goal is to win races. Everybody knows that. However, with 40 competitors vying for the same checkered flag each week, there’s a small dilemma: 39 of those 40 don’t win. 

Luckily, for the 39 losers, there’s another goal at hand: chasing what we’ve dubbed the All 40 Challenge — the feat of finishing in every single position first through 40th at least once over the course of a driver’s career. 

Sure, that 25th-place finish isn’t a great points day, but maybe it’ll check off a box on the All 40 Challenge tracker. An underdog steals a top 10 at Talladega against all odds? Another box checked on the chart.

No, there’s no prize or points bonus for completing the All 40 Challenge sweep; it’s nothing more than a neat stat that a majority of drivers never complete. 

Thirteen full-time active drivers have completed the All 40 Challenge, however: 

– Aric Almirola

– Ryan Blaney

– Alex Bowman

– Clint Bowyer

– Kurt Busch

– Kyle Busch

– Denny Hamlin

– Kevin Harvick

– Jimmie Johnson

– Joey Logano

– Ryan Newman

– Ricky Stenhouse Jr.

– Martin Truex Jr.

Aric Almirola (second place), Ryan Blaney (21st place) and Alex Bowman (first place) joined the elusive list in 2019.

The now-retired David Ragan came oh-so-close to completing the sweep before hanging up the helmet at the end of 2019, but somehow he never finished ninth in his 470-start career spanning 14 seasons. 

A handful of drivers are just two finishes away:

– Austin Dillon (2nd, 40th)

– Brad Keselowski (28th, 40th)

– Kyle Larson (22nd, 32nd)

– Reed Sorenson (1st, 2nd)

We’ll track the finishes of drivers throughout the 2020 season below, keeping vigilant watch of drivers’ pursuits of the All 40 Challenge. Highlighted numbers indicate positions where a driver hasn’t yet finished; grayed-out names indicate drivers who’ve already finished in all 40 positions throughout their careers.