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July 9, 2020

NASCAR All-Star Race to feature underglow lighting on locked-in cars

Kurt Busch Nashville
Brian Lawdermilk
Getty Images

Cars already locked into the 2020 NASCAR All-Star Race at Bristol Motor Speedway will feature underglow lighting beneath their machines for the July 15 race, NASCAR confirmed Thursday.

The underglow lights were first used by Chip Ganassi Racing at Nashville during Champion’s Week 2019, adding a special flair to the Burnouts on Broadway event.

Underglow lighting is one of three changes coming to the annual All-Star Race — four if you count the change of location itself, from Charlotte Motor Speedway to the “Last Great Colosseum.”

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A choose rule also will be in effect. When drivers approach a designated spot on the track, they must commit to the inside or outside lane for the restart. Failure to make a clear choice or changing lanes after the designated spot will result in a tail-of-the-field penalty.

This is different from the current double-file restart system, where only the race leader chooses his lane. Having the rule for the All-Star Race gives every driver the ability to make his own decision, and strategy will come into play in every instance.

Additionally, NASCAR will utilize a new paint scheme concept, one which moves the car’s side-door numbers backward on the vehicle toward the rear wheel.

The one-race experiment comes at the request of the teams, who will use the newfound prime real estate for sponsorship integrations.

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