Road America turn-by-turn analysis

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The NASCAR Cup Series will hit the track at Road America for the first time since 1956 with Sunday’s Jockey Made in America 250 (2:30 p.m. ET, NBC/NBC Sports App, MRN, SiriusXM NASCAR Radio), while the Xfinity Series races the Henry 180 on Saturday (2:30 p.m. ET, NBC/NBC Sports App, MRN, SiriusXM NASCAR Radio).

But before all the action, we analyze all the twists and turns of the 14-turn, 4.048-mile Road America course to get you ready for a historic Fourth of July weekend. See the turn-by-turn breakdown below as we ride along with Justin Haley during Xfinity Series action in 2020.

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Ra Turn1

TURN 1: Cars will rocket from the start-finish line downhill to the first turn of the road course, which is a flat right-hand corner. Drivers will be heavy on the brakes to make it through without going into the run-off area.

Ra Turns2 3

TURNS 2 & 3: The second turn is less of a corner and more of a little right-hand kink in the track before reaching Turn 3. Cars will gain a bit of speed before decelerating and downshifting for the right-hander.

Ra Turn4

TURN 4: Like Turn 2, the fourth turn is more of a right-hand kink in the longer straightaway as drivers approach Turn 5.

Ra Turn5

TURN 5: After gaining a decent amount of speed in Turn 4 through the Moraine Sweep, drivers will be on the brakes and likely downshifting to first gear entering the first left-hand turn on the road course.

Ra Turns 6 7 New

TURN 6 & 7: The left-hand sixth turn will come quickly after a short chute up the hill, as drivers will move up to second gear, staying in the same gear through the right-hand Turn 7.

Ra Turn 8 New

TURN 8: Drivers will hurry up through Hurry Downs to grab third gear out of Turn 7 before downshifting right back to second gear for the left-hand eighth turn, one of the sharpest turns on the course.

Ra Turns9 10

TURNS 9 & 10: This is what’s referred to as “The Carousel” portion of the course, which is a long, sweeping right-hand series of corners. Drivers will roll through the turn in second gear and feather the throttle in order to carry speed through it without going over the edge.

Ra Turn 11 New

TURN 11: Drivers will grab third gear coming out of the Carousel and roll through this slight right-hander — the Kink. It’s not a heavy braking zone, but they will need to be careful when they get back on the throttle.

Ra Turn 12 New

TURN 12: Drivers will be in fourth gear through Kettle Bottoms and downshift all the way down to second and heavy on the brakes for Canada Corner, the right-hand 12th turn.

Ra Turn 13 New

TURN 13: Drivers will stay in second gear after Turn 12 and roll through this left-hand corner — the Bill Mitchell Bend — without upshifting going uphill.

Ra Turn14

TURN 14: The final corner is a right-hander as drivers will roll through it still in second gear before launching back out onto the frontstretch and upshifting up the hill to fourth gear back to the start-finish line.