Fill-in-the-blank: NASCAR’s 2021 summer break

It’s time for two weeks off from racing, so we’re checked out until the first week of August. Won’t you help us write a blog about the 2021 season so far while we sip some coconut water by the pool?

Can you believe it? Two whole weeks off for the NASCAR Cup Series! It’s going to be a  couple of weeks until .

As a  fan, I never thought I’d see . That made me feel so !

Perhaps the only thing that  more was when .

While the season started out with a lot of , through the spring, the big story was . Talk about a 

Even though he hasn’t won a race yet this season, I think  is next to visit .

He’s had one  season. I guess you could say he’s  for !

Silly season has really had me , too. The most  to me was how . I think it can be summed up in one word:.

Well, summer is calling, and that can only mean one thing: time for some !