Indianapolis Motor Speedway Road Course turn-by-turn analysis

NASCAR Cup and Xfinity Series drivers are set to take on Indianapolis Motor Speedway’s 14-turn, 2.439-mile road course in a doubleheader with the NTT IndyCar Series. The Xfinity race will be on Saturday at 4 p.m. ET on NBCSN while Sunday’s Cup race will be at 1 p.m. ET on NBC.

To get ready for this weekend’s festivities, we complied a turn-by-turn analysis of the Cup Series’ first go-around on the famed road course, breaking down a lap with NASCAR Xfinity Series driver Justin Haley.

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Indy Road Course Layout

Turn 1-2

Indy Turns 1 2

Drivers will be carrying a head of steam the opposite direction down the frontstretch, launching into Turn 1 which comes just before the exit of oval Turn 4. They will be heavy on the brakes to make the sharp right-hand turn, the first of a couple heavy braking zones on the road course. The drivers are then greeted with a left-hand Turn 2.

Turn 3

Indy Turn 3 Final

As drivers move through Turn 2, they will start to carry a little bit of momentum as they roll through a slight right-hand Turn 3, gently rolling into the throttle before heading through another series of sharp corners.

Turn 4

Indy Turn 4

Drivers will roll into the right-hander of Turn 4, easing into the corner as they set themselves up for a good angle into a pair of quick left- and right-hand curves.

Turn 5-6

Indy Turns 5 6

This pair of turns offers a quick chicane before launching onto the next straightaway. While this isn’t the heaviest of braking zones, drivers will need to use all of the race track off Turn 4 to set themselves up to make this chicane as straight as possible.

Turn 7

Indy Turn 7

Drivers will launch out of Turn 6 and fly down the backstretch of the road course, which is nearly as long as the frontstretch. It will be a drag race into this turn down the straightaway, setting up for the best passing zone on the course. They will be heavy on the brakes going into this sharp left-hand corner, which is equivalent to the heavy braking zone into Turn 1.

Turn 8-9

Indy Turns 8 9

Coming off of Turn 7, drivers will slowly ease into the throttle for another quick right- and left-hand chicane, feathering the gas pedal to gain momentum while also making sure they don’t overdrive the corners.

Turn 10

Indy Turn 10

While drivers won’t be carrying a ton of momentum coming out of Turn 9, the right-hander of Turn 10 will still require some braking. Once through the corner, drivers will be quick to the throttle to launch into Turn 11.

Turn 11

Indy Turn 11

Drivers will float out of Turn 10 and into a sweeping right-hand Turn 11. This will give them a great opportunity to gain speed as they race onto the short chute of the oval.

Turn 12-13

Indy Turns 12 13

With the speed carried through the short chute, Turn 12 is another heavy braking zone as drivers will need to give themselves a good angle into the sharp right-hand corner. Drivers won’t be using a ton of throttle out of the corner as they have to prepare for a sharper left-hander of Turn 13, completing the final chicane of the road course that is located inside oval Turn 1.

Turn 14

Indy Turn 14

This is the final corner of the road course, a sweeping right-hand turn that sets up for a long launch back down the front straightaway and back toward the yard of bricks.