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November 3, 2021

NASCAR debuts customized virtual race car in Jailbreak on Roblox

Nascarxjailbreak Launch

NASCAR’s Next Gen race car will hit the virtual streets for the first time on Roblox starting this Friday, Nov. 5. The new car will roar to life in Jailbreak, a highly popular cops and robbers-style virtual experience that is free to play on the Roblox platform. Jailbreak players will be able to select the NASCAR Next Gen race car and choose from several skins as they create their own customized designs in the virtual roleplaying experience.

“We’ve really begun to focus on expanding NASCAR’s presence in the metaverse and engaging with the virtual community in unique and creative ways,” said Nick Rend, Managing Director of Gaming & Esports, NASCAR. “Roblox has one of the most passionate communities out there, so when we began collaborating with Jailbreak and its development team, Badimo, it only made sense to add an element of customization to the race car to get players involved and excited for this upcoming drop.”

Last month, Jailbreak held a skin contest, encouraging all eligible players to design their own skin, or paint scheme, for the soon to be released race car. The contest closed on Monday, Nov. 1, with the top two skins being announced when the race car debuts later this week. The drop will also feature a unique NASCAR skyscraper and showroom, apparel for users’ avatars and a new NASCAR x Jailbreak race track.

“We received an overwhelming response from Jailbreak players submitting their own designs on Reddit,” said Rend. “Imaginations ran wild and the Roblox community created some awesome skins that we’re excited to reveal in the drop on Friday.”

Jailbreak launched in 2017 and within days became one of the fastest-growing experiences in Roblox history and has since been played more than five billion times. Created by the two-person development team Badimo, the open-world game allows players of all ages to choose between a cop or robber persona giving them access to explore the virtual world on their own terms.

NASCAR x Jailbreak content will become available to players on Nov. 5 at 3 p.m. ET. To access Jailbreak on Roblox, visit here.