David Greenslit

David Greenslit: 2021 NASCAR Advance Auto Parts Weekly Series Division II champion profile

David Greenslit had a specific goal in mind going into the 2021 race season. He wanted to win a national championship.

He did it in 2020, and he wanted to do it again.

“That was one of our main goals,” Greenslit said. “We came into the year wanting to win both track championships and the national title.”

Greenslit won seven races in the R.E. Hinkley Street Stocks division at Claremont Motorsports Park in New Hampshire, and six races in the street stocks division at Hudson Speedway, also in New Hampshire. He took home the track championship at both tracks.

His 11 NASCAR wins and 27 top fives were enough to lead Greenslit to the NASCAR Advance Auto Parts Weekly Series Division II national championship by eight points over second-place Terry Schultz.

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David Greenslit
David Greenslit does a celebratory burnout after one of his 11 victories this season. (Photo courtesy of David Greenslit)

When Greenslit won his championship in 2020, it came down to him needing to win in the final race of the season to lock up the title. Even though this year’s title didn’t quite come down to the wire, it didn’t take any of the stress away as he wrapped up his season.

“Points watching the national stuff was a little stressful just knowing the last couple weeks we had run so many races where we had to finish second or better to gain any points on the national side of things,” he said. “Going into the last race, we thought we had it, and I had talked to Schultz a little bit via Facebook and saw that he had finished second on Friday night. So we thought we might have it clinched there, but it wasn’t 100 percent official until it came out.”

The key for Greenslit and his team was about focusing on having consistent good finishes. Only once did he finish outside of the top three at Claremont.

Greenslit was joined this season by his car owner, Tony Quadros, someone he met several years back on iRacing.

Quadros and Greenslit built a new car this year, which Greenslit said was “absolutely huge, because that thing is night and day to what we had before.”

Added Greenslit of Quadros: “He doesn’t really have the desire to race, but he loves racing. He puts everything into the car that we need.”

The rest of the crew includes Rocky Branch, who Greenslit said is “like our mad scientist” the way he’s always trying new things and working to figure out how to make the car faster.

Crew members Eric and Justin help in the shop, and Greenslit’s girlfriend and parents also provide much-needed support.

David Greenslit
David Greenslit and his team celebrate one of his 11 wins this season. (Photo courtesy of David Greenslit)

“It’s just kind of like a big family up here for us,” Greenslit said of his team. “All of us, we live and breathe racing and always want to do it. We’re always looking for another race to do. It’s countless hours. We’ll spend five days in the shop to race two days. It’s kind of crazy that they want to put in that much time as much as me.”

A busy season has led right into a busy offseason for Greenslit and his team. They haven’t even had much of a chance to celebrate their second title.

“We’re going to plan something at some point this offseason and get a bunch of friends and fellow racers together,” he said. “Even my competition, they’re all great people, they all love to race, and they all put their heart into it. It’s a good group of people we have up here racing with us.”

After racing 37 times this summer, going for a third title might be a bit more than Greenslit and his team can handle in 2022. He said they’ve all talked and will likely cut back next season to just trying for another track title at Claremont while racing a few others around New England here and there.

If a third title isn’t in the cards for the team, though, they’ll always have the memories of going back-to-back and achieving all of their goals.

“To do it two years in a row is just a huge accomplishment,” Greenslit said. “We work out of a two-bay garage in New Hampshire, so it’s quite the accomplishment for our small team.

“Accomplishing all three of those things is just absolutely huge for us.”