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Mike Harmon still loses points but fine, suspension rescinded on final appeal

The National Motorsports Final Appeal Officer on Thursday upheld the points portion of a Nov. 22 penalty to NASCAR Xfinity Series driver/owner Mike Harmon for violating vehicle testing rules, but the $50,000 fine for the team and six-race suspension for crew chief Ryan Bell were both rescinded.

Harmon, who is the owner and driver of the No. 74 Chevrolet, will still lose 75 owner points and 75 driver points heading into the 2022 season as a result of violating Section 5.1.a.c.d: Vehicle Testing in the NASCAR Rule Book.

However, because of a NASCAR Rule Book modification made on Jan. 24, 2022, the Final Appeal Officer ruled that the decision by the National Motorsports Appeals Panel to uphold the original penalty was incorrect. The Rule Book change allowed the penalty elements to be applied on an and/or basis and based upon that, the penalty has been modified to a loss of 75 Xfinity Series championship team owner and driver points. The suspension and monetary elements of the penalty have been rescinded.

The Final Appeal Officer for the hearing was Roger Werner, and his decision was binding on all parties involved.

Mike Harmon Racing released a team statement through its social media channels after the ruling.