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May 14, 2022

Joey Logano ready to ‘keep swinging’ if feud with William Byron grows

Six days removed from the late-race contact he laid on William Byron to win at Darlington, Joey Logano’s views haven’t changed a bit.

Logano said Saturday his perspective remains the same after laying the bumper to Byron’s No. 24 Chevrolet with two laps to go in a fight for the lead, multiple laps after Logano felt he was squeezed into the Turn 2 wall. The late shove bumped Byron into the wall and sent him to a 13th-place finish while Logano took home the victory.

“What happened last week happened, right? I got fenced,” Logano said ahead of Kansas practice and qualifying. “I stand by the same stuff I said last week. I got fenced, I retaliated and won the race. Like I said last week, that’s just kind of how it works. I won’t get pushed around. So in my book, we’re back to even. You reset and go again.”

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Byron, unsurprisingly, sees it differently. A two-time winner this year, Byron said he watched the incidents multiple times and from different angles “to figure out what we can do to control our situation and then also what was done to us that was out of our control,” he said in an interview with NBC Sports reporter Dustin Long. “So there was definitely some things that definitely caught my interest.”

Nothing on the videos changed Byron’s mind.

“Nope. Same as what I felt in the race car,” Byron said. “He (Logano) made a choice in the middle of the corner, got down on my door, and what do you do? You either spin out or it gets close. So it got close.”

Byron was blunt when asked if he believes things are even between him and Logano: “No. Nope.”

Logano, the 2018 champion, made it clear that whether this feud with Byron continues, he’s ready to defend himself however he sees fit.

“Honestly, if he wants to keep going back and forth, I’ll keep swinging,” Logano said. “I don’t think that’s a good play for him in the long run. Like I said, I feel like we’re even. He was willing to take the lead that way. I was willing to take the lead back the same way.”

“He can keep going, but I can promise you I’ll keep going and I’ll go bigger every time.”