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Accelerate Her driver profile: Natalie Decker

As one of the inaugural participants in the Busch Light Accelerate Her program, NASCAR Xfinity Series racer Natalie Decker is making daring strides in the motorsports industry.

At a very young age, Decker knew she wanted to be a NASCAR driver after watching races with her family. While she’s been faced with many challenges, her sheer drive and determination serves as an inspiration for fans and future drivers.

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Decker is well on her way to conquering the track. She’s already taken home a class win and fifth-place finish overall in the GT Audi R8 at her home track, the Charlotte Motor Speedway Roval, in the Trans Am Series with Ave Motorsports this year.

“There are so many obstacles when it comes to trying to live out a dream, but those obstacles make you who you are,” Decker said. “Every time you come to a big obstacle and get through it, it makes getting to that goal so much better.”

Looking ahead, Decker is excited to participate in more races this year. She hopes to see more women pursue a career in motorsports and believes her participation in the Busch Light Accelerate Her program will inspire them to do so. Being from Wisconsin, where Busch Light reigns as one of the most popular beers in the state, Natalie knows her fans are thrilled that she’s supported by a hometown favorite.

About the Busch Light Accelerate Her program

The Busch Light Accelerate Her program is a three-year commitment that takes aim at the inequity of resources available to women drivers by investing directly in every 21+ woman driver in NASCAR, providing brand-building opportunities to increase fan visibility of drivers and the sport. The Busch Light Accelerate Her program is the next step in a proud, 40-year partnership between Busch Light and NASCAR that has propelled the sport forward, bringing fans closer to the action and expanding NASCAR throughout the U.S. Busch Light asks that fans show their support by heading to Busch.com/accelerateher where they can learn more about the inaugural drivers, including Natalie, who are receiving this opportunity.