Portrait shot of Stephanie Moyer with black background

Accelerate Her driver profile: Stephanie Moyer

Stephanie Moyer is driving change within NASCAR as an inaugural participant in the Busch Light Accelerate Her program and one of the few women drivers in the sport.

Growing up in a racing family in Pennsylvania, Moyer’s passion for motorsports began at a young age when she was mentored by both her father and her brother, who was a champion driver. While studying at the University of Northwestern Ohio, Moyer joined the race club and had the unique opportunity to intern as a mechanic for Mason Mitchell Motorsports in the ARCA Menards Series.

Through her internship, Moyer attended Daytona for the first time. It was this inspiring moment that defined her future in the industry, where she vowed to pursue racing at the professional level.

Now, through skill and fierce determination, Moyer’s career is flourishing. In 2021, she continued her success with a 10th-place finish by points in the ARCA Menards East Series. This past year, Moyer joined as an inaugural participant of the Busch Light Accelerate Her program, which aims to bring more access and brand support to women athletes in NASCAR.

“I’m excited to work with Busch Light on this program because it’s more than just getting a check from a company. Busch Light is invested in helping me and all women in NASCAR reach our goals and make it to the highest level of the sport,” Moyer said.

For the 2022 season, Moyer hopes to continue learning more about the intricacies of the sport and to show the world what she can really do.


The Busch Light Accelerate Her Program is a three-year commitment that takes aim at the inequity of resources available to women drivers by investing directly in every 21+ woman driver in NASCAR, providing brand-building opportunities to increase fan visibility of drivers and the sport. The Busch Light Accelerate Her program is the next step in a proud, 40-year partnership between Busch Light and NASCAR that has propelled the sport forward, bringing fans closer to the action and expanding NASCAR throughout the U.S. Busch Light asks that fans show their support by heading to Busch.com/accelerateher where they can learn more about the inaugural drivers, including Natalie, that are receiving this opportunity.